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500KG Mobile Lifting Gantry with 4.5MTR Under beam x 4MTR Span

With a half tonne of capacity and a 4.5x4 meter construction, this mobile lifting gantry should be an ideal investment for organisations that want to avoid the issues associated with manual load handling. Lifting Gear Direct will construct your lifting gantry and fulfil any customisation requests you have
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  • Product Code: 500KG Mobile Lifting Gantry with 4.5MTR Under beam x 4MTR Span
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How a 500kg mobile lifting gantry 4.5x4 can help

A lifting solution which is fixed to the spot or lacks an easy means of manoeuvrability might be adequate in some cases. However, for more versatility than is offered by a jib crane, a mobile gantry is the primary choice.

This 500kg capacity model is mounted on a set of castors that are more than capable of taking the strain. It is also easy to disassemble in preparation for transport and only needs to remain static when it is under load.

Decked out with bespoke add-ons like parking jacks and catenaries, our mobile gantries will make a big difference to your productivity levels.

What else can be added?

If you realise that a few extra bits of equipment would be worth including along with your custom gantry, this is an entirely viable option.

We can factor in everything from beam clamps to load restraints, saving you time and money.

Looking for lifting gear answers?

We can give great guidance when you call 01384 76961 to speak to a sales specialist or get in touch online with your question.

SWL Height Under Beam  Span
500KG  4500mm 4000mm