A-frame Gantry Questions - Answered

A frame gantry questions answered

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A-frame Gantry Questions - Answered

A-frame Gantry Questions - Answered
28 January, 2022

How to choose the right A-frame gantry

Before purchasing you’re a-frame gantry we advise you get your measurements! The dimensions of your a-frame gantry ultimately decide whether it serves its purpose for you or not. Dimensions you will need to know are length, width, height. It will also benefit you to assess the area is which you will be using your gantry make note of obstructions and hazards. A-frame lifting gantries are designed for heavy-duty work. If you know you will be needing support lifting heavy loads on a regular basis in a yard or outdoor setting the a-frame gantry is a must. They are designed to be robust, supportive, and beneficial when used correctly.

Things to avoid doing when using an a-frame gantry

It is imperative when operating heavy-duty machinery, you do so safely. There are certain practices when using your a-frame lifting gantry that will keep you and your employees safe whilst operating. You should never use an A-frame gantry without completing the checks to make sure it is safe to use. These checks include looking for rust or damages, looking for wear and tear on the blocks and ensuring the ground is level. Whilst you’re a-frame gantry is in use you should not walk under the load whilst its being moved or move the a-frame lifting gantry whilst it is lifting a heavy load. You should also avoid letting the load swing as this can throw the a-frame lifting gantry off balance causing many hazards.

What are the characteristics of an A-frame gantry?

An a-frame gantry is also known as a lifting gantry system or a mobile gantry. It can also be described as a gantry hoist, gantry lift, lifting gantry or frame hoist. The A-frame is a spanning framework that’s purposely designed to support lifting devices. You are able to move the framework of the a-frame gantry to put in the position directly above where you require heavy lifting assistance.

a frame lifting gantry

How does an A-frame Gantry work?

You will find that a-frame lifting gantries are mainly supplied with a standard configuration. However, depending on the supplier of the gantry you are able to custom design the a-frame gantry This girder is then held up by 4 freestanding legs. Depending on whether you have a light-duty gantry or heavy-duty gantry you are able to more the a-frame gantry along purposely built tracks/rails, or the A-frame gantry will come with wheels or casters attached to the feet allowing you to move the gantry to where you need it to be. A-frame gantries are more commonly used in outdoor settings.

Where can I get an a-frame gantry

Lifting Gear Direct not only supply high-quality lifting equipment but also manufacture lifting equipment at the best prices. We have a wide range of a-frame lifting gantries ranging from a 500kg a-frame lifting gantry to a 5000kg a-frame lifting gantry. You can be assured all our lifting gantries are manufactured to BS 2853 and BS 2573 standards. Here at Lifting Gear Direct we also offer inspection and compliance service with all lifting gantry products to help protect and manage all risks involved. To get the highest quality lifting equipment for the best prices visit the Lifting Gear Direct website today!

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