Adjustable drum lifter raptor dl360sp

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Adjustable Drum Lifter Raptor DL360SP

Adjustable Drum Lifter Raptor DL360SP

Suitable for overhead lifting the DL360SP drum lifter is ideal for handling 33 & 55 gallon drums of either the closed head steel or poly/plastic type in a vertical orientation.
  • Brand:: RAPTOR
  • Product Code: Raptor DL360SP
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Using the DL360SP Adjustable Drum Lifter

The DL360sp drum lifter can be adjusted to fit both 33 and 55 gallon drums by simply re-positioning the clip pin (item 4); the outer hole is for 55 gallon drums and the inner hole is for 33 gallon drums.(fig 1) The pin needs to be in the same position on all three arms of the drum lifter.

Using the incorporated lifting eye, the DL360SP can now be attached to your hoisting device. The drum lifter can now be positioned above the drum ensuring there is enough slack in the chain on the hoist to enable easy positioning and fitting.

The three pads (item 2) at the end of each arm should overhang the rim of the drum (fig 3). Whilst slowly lifting, ensure the grab pads locate securely under the rim of the drum; (fig 4) raise off the ground just a little and ensure the grabs are secure and re-position if necessary. Now you can complete your lifting operation.

To release the drum once it has been safely set down, simply lower the chain until there is some slack then rotate one arm up and out of the way, now the remaining arms will release easily. (fig 5).

Remember to lubricate moving parts regularly and check all nuts and bolts to ensure the device remains in good, safe working order.

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Model Capacity (Kgs) Dimensions To Suit Drum Dimensions Drum Size Weight
DL360SP 360 Steel or Plastic 35 or 55 gallon  5Kgs