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Use your mobile lifting gantry system safely

7 December, 2021

A mobile lifting gantry is often referred to as a lifting gantry, mobile gantry, or an A-frame gantry. Mobile lifting gantries are a very adaptable piece of lifting equipment due to ability to move the gantry to best suit your needs. They are ideal for people who are working with limited space that wouldn’t be able to accommodate a fixed crane. There are multiple types of lifting gantries used for different jobs. Using a lifting gantry safely is imperative to keep you and your employees safe and to not break or harm your load and the gantry.

mobile lifting gantry

The do’s of using a lifting gantry  

Before you attempt to move your gantry to the location you need it or connecting the power you must inspect! Inspect the actual gantry before use, look for any damage or rust, assess to see if the gantry is safe to use. As well as the gantry inspect the blocks and accessories for any wear, damage, or rust. Once you have inspected your lifting gantry and it is safe to use you need to assess the place you are wanting to put it. You need to make sure that the ground is level (unless parking jacks are used for leveling up) and there are no obstructions within the space you are putting the lifting gantry.

Once you have done your inspections and thoroughly checked the lifting gantry and the area you can then position your gantry. For the best and safest lifting gantry use, place the lifting gantry directly over the load. Make sure the lifting appliance is in line with the load you are wanting to pick up.

You have positioned the gantry now you need to secure it. Before you use the gantry make doubly sure that you have applied the brakes/wheel locks and parking jacks if used before lifting the load. If you have not secured the brakes/wheel locks and parking jacks correctly your gantry will move whilst picking up a load which can cause serious injury.

Finally, you have successfully used your lifting gantry to lift the load correctly and safely. Before moving your gantry on to pick up a new load you need to ensure all power of the lifting gantry is disconnected.

The don’ts of using a lifting gantry 

Making sure you are safe by using the lifting gantry correctly is imperative. We have collated a couple of things to avoid doing when using the lifting gantry to keep you safe.

1.       Once the lifting gantry is loaded don’t move it. If you need to reposition the gantry lower and release the load, disconnect the power move the lifting gantry and restart the process.

2.       Never allow the load to swing. If your load does start swinging on the lifting gantry lower and release the load and restart the process.

3.       To keep yourself safe and keep your lifting gantry in good working condition we advise that you never tow your mobile lifting gantry with a vehicle.

4.       Once your lifting gantry is loaded do not walk underneath it. Walk around the lifting gantry or wait for the process to be finished before approaching.

5.       Don’t use your lifting gantry to support any objects.

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