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What are Electric Hoists?

8 March, 2022

What are Electric Hoists? 

Electrical Hoists are the material handling equipment that is used in lifting, lowering, and moving materials and products of many sizes. The main types of electric hoists are Electric Chain Hoists and the Electric Rope Hoist. 


Thanks to their flexibility and versatility in being able to adapt to every lifting operation. While onsite the Electrical Hoists may be used as standalone equipment or as part of a lifting system, depending on the quality of the Electric Hoist. The quality of the hoist will affect the travel speed and lifting speed of the electronic hoist and therefore, will influence the production rate and turnaround time of the operation. 


Electrical Hoists must be compatible with the beams of the lifting system’s structural frame as well as the electrical hoist. The Trolley is a vital part of the production process because they are responsible for transporting the Electric Hoist. There are various types of Electric Hoist Trolleys, such as: 

·         The Push Trolley 

·         Geared Trolley 

·         Electrical Travel Trolley 


Electric Hoist Maintenance

Although Electrical Hoists can be used on their own or with a lifting system, the Electrical Hoist components must be in top condition during operation. Hence why they need to be scheduled daily and periodic inspections and maintenance must be strictly performed. 

The Electrical Hoist comes with lifting regulations that must be observed to uphold safety. These regulations are based around their rated capacity, working load, and duty cycle which are the critical specifications of Electrical Hoists. 

Electric Hoist Safety

Many Electric Hoists have built-in safety features, and the hooks will have catches for safety so the lead will not become disengaged. There are clutch systems on most electrical hoists which slip at a pre-set torque, this prevents the device from overloading which can become very dangerous. 

Electrical Hoists are made with a switch mechanism, this is where the chain will mechanically engage when an overload occurs. New Electric Hoists will come with a safety cut-out switch for emergencies, these are extremely important for safety reasons.