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Working at Height Equipment

6 April, 2022

Working At Height Equipment 

Safety in the Workplace

The most common fatal accidents in the workplace are falls from a height, which is why the working at height equipment at Lifting Gear Direct is premium quality and part of an extensive range of products.  

Whether you’re 50 feet in the air or just 5 feet above the ground, accidents can still happen, hence the reasons for safety regulations being a requirement by law. Having safety equipment can save lives and prevent injuries, by being prepared with specialised equipment for working at height.  

Safety Harnesses 

We have a variety of harnesses available, including a single, 2, or 3 point full-body harness, a rescue harness, and a high vis harness, as well as many of the harnesses being part of a safety kit, including more than just a harness.  

The safety kits are bursting with accessories for our harnesses, with lanyards, attachment points, a high vis vest, and a carry bag to protect your working at height equipment from wear and tear while transporting to the location, keeping it safe to use for even longer! 

The safety harness karabiners are arguably the most important piece of working at height equipment, with the karabiner being the piece of equipment that keeps your harness connected to the lanyard. 

Safety Cages 

Additionally, Lifting Gear Direct cater for transporting larger objects to a height, be sure to take a look at our safety cages for working at height. We’ve got you covered for 1 or 2 people needing to be lifted to the required height, all the way to needing a rescue cage for emergency evacuation situations. 

It’s paramount to prioritise the quality of the working at height equipment you purchase; our engineers and customer support agents can support you throughout your journey from the decision-making process through to the inspections services we offer. 

Living in the UK, we all know how unpredictable the weather can be, which means ensuring all your equipment isn’t affected by harsh conditions, whether it’s too hot or too cold. Before purchasing equipment, talk to our engineers and learn their expertise on what’s best for your specific needs! 

Harsh temperatures are also a reason to ensure all your equipment has been trialled in different weather conditions so that work can be given the go-ahead, rain or shine. This is even more important for working at height equipment, considering being in the air is already a hazard - despite the weather. 

The potential risk just for being up high means we give nothing less than the best service for our selection of working at height equipment. With safety equipment from Lifting Gear Direct, you’ll be as safe as you can be when working at height!