Buying the Right Crane Gantry System

Buying the right crane gantry system

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Buying the Right Crane Gantry System

Buying the Right Crane Gantry System
15 December, 2017
Crane gantry systems, also known as mobile gantries, mobile lifting gantries or A-frame gantries, are extremely useful pieces of lifting and lowering equipment used in many environments. Here at Lifting Gear Direct, we stock various different gantry systems, and are here to help in making sure you buy the right crane for your lifting and lowering needs.

What is a crane gantry system?

A crane gantry system is a crane featuring a horizontal beam that is supported by vertical legs. This horizontal beam, also called the bridge, holds a hoisting mechanism which will conduct the actual lifting and lowering. These systems are useful in industrial environments because they are easily portable, and therefore have the ability to lift and lower loads all over the workplace with ease.Crane gantry systemsOur systems can greatly help with your warehouse operations As well as being portable, they are also inherently sturdy and are therefore employed in a range of heavy duty applications. More information on cranes and their benefits can be found here.

Buying the right product for you

When purchasing your crane, there are a number of factors you need to consider.

At Lifting Gear Direct, we stock three different types of crane gantry systems, all of which are described below. These systems are for different uses and applications, and all have varying SWLs (safe working loads). Before purchasing your lifting medium, be sure to check you are purchasing a suitable how to pick ergonomic chairs for the lifting operation that you plan to use it for

You will also need to think about which lifting accessory you’ll need to use with your equipment, hoists, slings and connectors like shackles are typical.
Speaking to an expert can help in avoiding any confusion around purchasing your crane – we can provide guidance and suggestions on the best crane for your lifting and lowering needs

Our products

Here’s some brief information on the gantries that we stock, which should help you decide which is the right one for you:

Lightweight aluminium gantries – lightweight and easily transportable, these cranes are made from aluminium and they are lighter more resistant to the elements. This makes them perfect for using outdoors. They also have wheels attached to the bottom. These systems have four different working load limits, from 250kg to 2000kg.

A-frame gantries are similar to aluminium gantries but are more heavy duty as they are made from steel. We stock A-frame gantries with working limits up to 5000kg,

Mobile crane gantry systems – These are similar to the gantries listed above, except they are designed to be mobile. With wheels attached to the bottom, they are perfect for lifting heavy loads all over the warehouse. They have working limits up to 5000Kg.
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We hope the above information will help you to make an informed decision when purchasing your next crane gantry system. Our team are always happy to help if you wish to discuss anything further. You can find our contact details here.

Posted On: December 15, 2017