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Camlok YC10 Beam Clamp

Camlok YC10 Beam Clamp

This beam clamp has a whopping 10000kg safe working load and fits a range of beams. Find out more below.
  • Brand:: Camlock
  • Product Code: Camlok YC10 Beam Clamp
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Camlok YC10 Beam Clamp Basics

With a 10000kg safe working load the YC beam clamp is easy to attach to the beam due to its central threaded spindle, it fits beams with flanges from 90mm to 320mm.

Camlok YC10 Beam Clamp dimensions

Model YC10
A min mm 175
A max mm 220
A1 mm 90
A2 mm 320
B1 mm 268
B2 mm 480
b1 mm 90
b2 mm 320
C mm 70
D mm 14
E mm 275
F1 mm 35
F2 mm 20
G1 mm 110
G2 mm 66
H mm 38
J1 mm 34
J2 mm 35
K1 mm 60
K2 mm 40
L mm  146
Model Capacity (WLL) KG Beam width (mm) Weight (KG) 
YC10 10000 90-320 17.2