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Corso geared travel beam trolley

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Corso Geared Travel Beam Trolley

Corso Geared Travel Beam Trolley

This adjustable beam trolley is of the geared variety for easier handling. Manufactured by trusted brand Tractel the Corso range has plenty to offer.

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Key Features of the Corso geared beam trolley

The gearing on this type of beam trolley enables easier operation and smoother movements. It also encompasses folded steel end stops and anti-tilt devices for added safety.

There is a central threaded spindle which connects the two side plates, this enables easy and adjustable fitting to a steel beam, There is a range of trolleys available to suit a range of beam flange sizes so please pay particular attention to these measurements in the specification table below. Using the incorrect size could result in the trolley wheels slipping off the beam flange.

The galvanized chain enables easy operation at a maximum operating height of 3 metres. Once the trolley is securely fitted a simple pull on the chain will turn the gears and propel the trolley along the beam.

Once again check out the models on offer as the choice of safe working load limits ranges from 1000kg up to 20000kg.

Similar Beam Trolleys

There are a wide range of beam attachments available in today's market with the geared variety probably being the most popular. However you will also find a push travel variety which are manually pushed and pulled over the beam, as well as an electric powered type for super smooth, super fast operation.

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Model To suit beam mm  WLL tonnes Weight KG
1t 58-220 1 19
2t 66-220 2 22.5
3t 74-220 3 37.5
5t 90-220 5 55


Model To suit beam  WLL tonnes Weight KG 
10t 125-320 10 120
20t 136-320 20 245
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