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Crane slung bulk bag lifter cbh

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Crane Slung Bulk Bag Lifter – CBH

Crane Slung Bulk Bag Lifter – CBH

The CBH crane slung bulk bag lifter is a cross or cruciform shaped frame with a central swivel lifting eye and bag retaining hooks. Perfect for quick, easy and safe bulk bag lifting with a crane or hoist.

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About the Crane Slung Bulk Bag Lifter – CBH

Most bulk bags for handling loose loads come with four looped handles from which the bag is lifted. A loaded bulk bag cannot be lifted manually and will need special equipment.

The CBH bulk bag lifting device is a framework with a central heavy duty lifting point which can easily be attached to a crane hook or a hoist hook for easy lifting.

The lifting point is a swivelling lifting eye which makes hook connection easier and also enables the frame and load to swivel under load. The key benefit to this is that it ensures any lifting chains, slings and hooks do not become twisted during the lift.

Each of the 4 arms of the CBH big bag lifting frame measures 500mm from the centre (1000mm tip to tip when thinking of them as 2 arms). At each tip there is a retaining cap/claw which holds the loops of the bulk bag in place until manually removed. The CBH crane slung bulk bag lifter can safely handle top loads of 1000kg and are CE marked and come fully tested with certification of conformity.

Other Bulk Bag Lifting Equipment

Lifting Gear Direct can supply a number of crane mounted bulk bag handling devices as well as a couple of forklift truck mountable bag lifters. Should you require and additional equipment such as a chain hoist, electric hoist or crane we can sort you out with those too, what's more, chains and slings are some of our big sellers so we can set you up with the correct equipment to best suit your application.

Model Capacity Distance between claws Mounting Weight
CBH 1000kg 1000 x 1000mm Crane Slung 32kg