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TTB big bag lifting beam

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TTB Big Bag Lifting Beam

TTB Big Bag Lifting Beam

The TTB big bag lifting beam is a 4 point spreader for lifting up to 2000kg bulk bags slung under a crane/hoist.

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TTB Big Bag Lifting Beam Features

Designed and made in Britain the TBB bulk bag lifting device is a steel, welded spreader beam specifically designed for handling loaded big bulk bags.

The frame is arranged in a cross shape which helps to evenly distribute the forces applied when lifted. You should try to ensure the bag is loaded as evenly as possible to further enhance stability.

There are 4 arms to this bulk bag lifting beam with each one having a welded on loading hook complete with safety catches. The lifting loops at each corner of the big bag can be fitted easily to these hooks and you will have peace of mind that the bag can not become unattached during the lifting task.

At the centre of the bag spreader there is a large fixed suspension eye for easy fitting to a hoists bottom hook.

When using this type of lifting equipment you must keep closely in line with the centre of gravity for stability and safety. The spreader beam should not tilt more than 6 degrees from the centre point.

You should also ensure that the load does not swing whilst in motion nor come into contact with other objects as this can cause instability.

Prior to each use you should check over the lifter to ascertain whether it is fit for purpose. Check for cracked welds, broken safety latches and/or bent attachment points. You will also need to have it thoroughly inspected each year by a competent person to ensure it continues to be safe for use.

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Model WLL Width(Z) B C D Weight
TTB 2000kg 750-800mm 240mm 75mm 135m 42kg