Crazy Things A Pallet Truck Can Lift

Crazy things a pallet truck can lift

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Crazy Things A Pallet Truck Can Lift

Crazy Things A Pallet Truck Can Lift
22 February, 2021

Many of us are familiar with pallet trucks and have seen them knocking around warehouses. Usually, they move pallets holding goods that can weigh tons, so they need to be strong, sturdy and reliable.

Although they might not look like much, they can move a surprising amount and are integral to many places of work. But what sort of crazy things could you actually lift with a pallet truck, if you had the chance?

$1,816,000 in US Dollar Bills

If you happened to come across a 2000kg Stainless Steel Pallet Truck with its corrosion-resistant material and sleek steel look, you could move up to 2 tons of weight. How much is that?

Well if you happened to come across $1,816,000 in US dollars in bills, about that much, which would be ideal if you theoretically robbed a bank or came into a huge and strange inheritance from a family member living overseas.

A Cow

In what crazy scenario would you need to physically move an adult heifer? Perhaps you are striking out and breaking into the hamburger making business, or a particularly persistent 15000kg cow has made it into your garden and refuses to shift.

If this happened all you need to do is invest in Pfaff Electric Pallet Trucks. These nifty little electric pallet trucks have two versions featuring a multifunctional control handle and are ideal for use in any tight spaces a cow might get itself into. Ideal for use on ramps or unloading and loading container lorries and perhaps rogue cows if you come across one.

An Ambulance

In what possible situation would you need to move an ambulance? Perhaps you needed superhero strength to rescue someone (ironically) in need from an ambulance, or maybe you had the chance to enter lifting equipment into a strong man contest, the possibilities are endless.

If you did need to lift an ambulance though, which weighs almost 5 tons, the 5000kg Heavy Duty Pallet Truck is your best bet. This heavy-duty pallet truck is immense and has a specialised hydraulic pump and will require minimum effort to move huge loads, such as an ambulance.

An Adult Male Reindeer

Let’s say you’re in Lapland or helping Santa out and you just have to lift a fully grown, adult reindeer weighing 365kg, how are you going to do this? One piece of kit that would do the trick for you would be the Hydraulic Drum Pallet Truck Raptor, which would work especially well if the reindeer happened to be in a steel drum for some reason.

This truck provides a solution to this problem, with its double swivel castors, allowing for easy directional changes and lever offering three positions to shift the weight. What’s not to love?

The Shingopana Songwensis Dinosaur

You could easily find yourself in another crazy scenario where you come across the Shingopana Songwensis, a Tanzania dinosaur thought to have lived from 100 to 70 million years ago. Alive and well, this wide-necked creature was thought to be 8 metres tall and weighed 5.5 tons. 

Conveniently, Pfaff Non-Standard Special Pallet Trucks can lift this exact weight and have various truck styles to suit all sorts of non-standard applications, as well as wide forks for lifting larger pallets and easy to use ergonomic handles. So, when faced with a Jurassic Park scenario or faced with forwarding scientific discovery, you will be well prepared with these pallet truck models.

To find out more about which pallet truck best suits you and your lifting needs, contact us, now. Otherwise, you can take a look at our blog, to find more information on lifting gear.