Demag kbk lightweight pillar jib crane

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Demag KBK Lightweight Pillar Jib Crane

Demag KBK Lightweight Pillar Jib Crane

As part of the Demag Jib crane range available from Lifting Gear Direct you will find the KBK lightweight pillar jib crane which has over bracing and is floor mounted for optimum security.
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Features of the KBK Lightweight Pillar Jib Crane

This particular model is the lightest model within the Demag Pillar swing Jib crane range. Unlike the more standard ‘I’ beam jibs which use solid steel beams the KBK lightweight pillar swing jib crane uses a specially designed hollow steel track system. This considerable lowers the overall weight of the swing jib crane.

The fact that it is lighter in weight enables it to be rotated much easier and more smoothly around its pillar mount. They have a maximum slew of 300 degrees though this can be restricted with the help of the special adjustable limiters. These are particularly beneficial if you need the jib arm to stop in a particular place each time, like on a production line. The opening which runs along the underside of the beam facilitates the attachment of a special trolley, and hoist system as well as holding the power cables.

7 meters is the longest reaching model available in the KBK lightweight range and the highest capacity model can lift up to 1000kg. You can find out precise details in the table below.

Because these cranes are bolted to secure foundations, often with the help of special setting chemicals you can be assured of safety. You can read more about the special mounting on the Demag Pillar swing jib crane page here. These cranes are classified to DIN15018 H1B3; and also available in a wall mounted version.

If You Need Advice!

Jib cranes are a big item of lifting gear and needs to fit perfectly within your workplace. If you are not sure about what you need, or need to know the best way to measure up the space for your crane then call LGD on 01384 76961, where our experienced team will help you out. You can also let us know your requirements with an email; these can be sent through our contact page or the rapid enquiry form available on every page throughout the website.


Load capacity Outreach
[kg]  [m]
  2 3 4 5 6 7
80 C  C C C C C
125 C  C C C C C
250 C C C C C C
500 C C C C C  D
1000 C C C C C  D