Electric Hoist Availability UK

Electric hoist availability uk

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Electric Hoist Availability UK

Electric Hoist Availability UK
4 January, 2023

Electric Hoists Available Now in the UK

There are numerous electric hoists available across the UK, however in the current climate many hoists have a long waiting time which can sometimes be up to 6-12 weeks. This long waiting time can be problematic for many businesses, slowing down productivity or even holding up a whole project.

What is the answer?

When you need a reliable electric hoist within the next day or two check out the Delta electric hoists range at Lifting Gear Direct.

Delta Electric Hoist Partner

Lifting Gear Direct are able to supply the premium Delta electric chain hoists in next to no time, typically 1 or 2 days. This is all thanks to becoming the Premium UK Delta hoist partner, importing hoists, components and spares directly from the Delta factory in the Netherlands. At present we aim to keep consistent stock levels so supply should rarely be an issue however things do change from time to time especially with the ever changing market conditions, but our wait times should be no longer than a couple of weeks in a worst case scenario.

Delta Hoist Reliability

An electric hoist with the Delta name will be a very reliable hoisting system. Robustly designed, both model ranges we supply offer plug and play functions for fast set up straight from the packaging. This functionality also lets you change components for something which is better suited to your operation. For example, if you have a Delta hoist with a hook suspension but would like to change it to an integrated trolley, now you can, its easy. Push or power travel trolleys are available. Similarly the pendant control can be switched for a radio remote control system for even easier operation from a safer distance.

High quality contactor relays are used and are mounted on an easy to access steel plate should it be necessary to change them. Each contactor can be changed individually for a more cost effective repair option in the unlikely event one fails.

Should I buy a Delta Electric Hoist?

Absolutely! Our premium DEH Delta hoist offers one of the most affordable, reliable and easy to use electric hoist around. What's more it can usually be delivered to most UK locations within 2 days, sometimes the next working day is possible.

With the choice of configuration options thanks to plug and play functionality, dual speeds and 6 metre height of lift as standard what's not to like.

Find out more about Delta electric hoists here, or watch the video below. On each product page you will find all the specifications and in depth details about each hoist to help you make your choice.