Enerpac hcr high tonnage cylinders double acting

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Enerpac HCR High Tonnage Cylinders - Double Acting

Enerpac HCR High Tonnage Cylinders - Double Acting

The HCR series contains double acting cylinders with high tonnage capacities.

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About the Enerpac HCR High Tonnage Cylinders

Available in capacities from 50 tonne up to 1000 tonne.

Ideal for push and pull applications.

Safety valve incorporated in retract side of cylinder, this helps to alleviate any damage caused by accidental over pressurization.

CR400 coupler & dust cap. Baked enamel finish with plated pistons for extra corrosion protection.

Plunger wiper to reduce any contamination.

These cylinders also incorporate  bearings with a special design to withstand side forces up to 10% of the rated capacity without scoring.

 hcr dimensions
enerpac high tonnage double acting cylinder specs