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Forklift bulk bag lifter ARN1001

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Forklift Bulk Bag Lifter ARN1001

Forklift Bulk Bag Lifter ARN1001

If you have a forklift truck and frequently need to lift bulk bags then the adjustable forklift bulk bag lifter ARN1001 could be right for you. Easy to fit to the forks and can handle loads up to 1000kg.

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About the ARN1001 Forklift Bulk Bag Lifter

The ARN1001 is made up of a framework with pockets to slide onto the forks. It is held in place with a retaining chain. On top of this there is a 45 degree diagonally raised arm which incorporates an inner arm. It is the inner arm that contains the bag holding prong at the end. This arm can be extended up and outwards to 4 additional positions between 1320mm at lowest position 1 (not extended) and 1850mm at position 5, the highest. The arm is held at the chosen position with a retaining pin inserted through the holes.

You will need to pay attention to the safe working load lifting capacities which reduce at each extension point. At the lowest System unextended position the maximum SWL in 1000kg whereas at the fullest extension point the SWL will be 710kg. You can find out more in the specifications above.

This forklift attachment enables the easy lifting of large, heavy bags from a single hook. So if you have a bulk bag with 4 handles all 4 will hook together onto the one loading prong/spike.

Due to the extending arm bags can be lifted higher than other forklift bag handlers where the bags hangs below the forks.

Other Big Bag Lifting Solutions

Big bulk bag handling is not easy if you don't have the right equipment. Lifting Gear Direct are able to supply a good selection of the most popular types of big bag lifters. So whether you are looking for a forklift bag lifter or the crane slung variety you will find them on our website under FIBC bulk bag lifting. For the slung versions we can also supply shackles, chain and hooks and other lifting slings as well as a vast range of hoisting equipment.

Extending Arm Inner Position L (mm) H (mm) Capacity (kg)
1 1320 700 1000
2 145 840 910
3 1585 975 830
4 1720 1110 760
5 1850 1245 710