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Hbj bottle jack

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HBJ Bottle Jack

HBJ Bottle Jack

Use the HBJ Bottle Jack for safe and versatile hydraulic lifting. With safe working loads up to 50 tonne this jack certainly packs a punch.
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About the HBJ Bottle Jack

Hydraulic bottle jacks can be used for a variety of conundrums where lifting or pushing heavy objects needs to be done a certain way. Hydraulic jacks lift from under the load/object although some can be used horizontally for exerting forces to push objects apart or together.

The GT bottle Jack is available in a great range of lifting capacities with safe working loads going up from 2000kg to 50000kg. You will get the best prices from Lifting Gear Direct on bottle jacks.

This bottle jack is really simple to use; simply locate the jack in a suitable area under the item to be raised ensure it won’t tip or become dangerous; this is made easier thanks to the large base plates.  Close the release valve (clockwise) then screw out the saddle to rest on the item (this also reduces the time & amount of pumping needed). Attach the lever to the pump and begin to raise & lower the handle to pump the piston to raise the saddle until the object is the required height.

To lower the object you need to simply open the release valve very slowly to obtain a slow and controlled descent.

Contacting LGD

Help and advice is always available at Lifting Gear Direct, call the team on 01384 76961. To buy online just choose your option and add to cart. You can also email us with your requirements via the contact page or rapid enquiry form. Remember to check out our other hydraulic equipment which includes cylinders, pumps and their accessories.


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