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Height Safety

Height Safety
22 June, 2022

What Is Height Safety?

Many jobs require climbing above ground level these days, but do you know the risks and how to avoid them?

These considerations fall under the term height safety or working at height. Height safety is associated with protecting those who work from any height where a fall could result in injury. Legislation in this area can be particularly grey, but that does not mean businesses can slide in this field! 

Why is height safety important in the workplace?

If you work with your feet above ground level, this is considered working at height. In order to be doing this the correct equipment must be in use. It could be as simple as a ladder to reach the top of the wall to mobile elevated working platforms.

Businesses that revolve around this kind of work must adhere to the height safety laws. If not, they may be liable for injury caused by falls. To avoid this, up to date risk assessments must be carried out and first aid equipment to hand if need be. 

How can Lifting Gear Direct Assist you in Height Safety? 

Lifting Gear Direct can help with your height safety by providing you with professional and expertly manufactured equipment to aid and support those working above ground! Our height safety equipment range includes safety harnesses, fall arresters, safety anchorages and even safety access platforms. All equipment supplied is in line with current legislation. 

We can also offer help and advise you on your previously owned lifting equipment and how laws may affect its uses. We aim to provide you with the best and most important knowledge in regards to height safety, so get in touch with us where we will endeavour to answer any questions you may have.  

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