Safety Harness Lanyards

Safety Harness Lanyards

Safety Harness Lanyards

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A lanyard is a crucial piece of equipment in a height safety kit and acts as a safety connection between the wearer of a safety harness and a stable structure. Lanyards come in many different formats, materials and features so choosing the best one for you may not be as easy as you think. Lifting Gear Direct is here to help wherever possible so get in touch if necessary.

Types of Lanyards used in Height Safety

The main types of lanyard used in height safety procedures include work positioning lanyards, restraint lanyards and fall arrest lanyards. Some lanyards are manufactured from high strength webbing and some from kernmantle rope.

A number of lanyards will have a fixed length and some lanyards will be adjustable, some will have shock absorbing properties, some do not. The ones without energy absorption are generally used for restraint and work positioning tasks where the user is restrained from reaching areas where they may potentially fall, where as lanyards with energy absorption are used for fall arrest situations where a fall is possible so that they can reduce the forces implied by a fall.

Lanyards with shock absorbing properties have a special separate component consisting of a pack of webbing designed to tear in a controlled manner and thereby slowing the acceleration rate and reducing the forces implied. These absorbers should never be used again if they have been arrested, the Kratos energy absorbers clearly show when they are ok to use and when they are not.

shock absorbing lanyard

The range of connections varies between lanyards and could be a simple eye where you can attach karabiners etc. a snap hook for quick and secure fitting or a safety locked karabiner. Adjustable lanyards come in a couple of varieties and are great for work positioning tasks. When the user needs to be in the same position during their task a lanyard with a ring type adjuster would be ideal; if the user will need to change position during their task then a progressive grip adjuster would work best.

Another type of safety harness lanyard is the forked variety which are designed for passing between intermediate anchor points, these are usually for restraint and positioning purposes.

lanyard adjusters

Lanyards will also come in a variety of lengths which may or may not suit your task. These are all things to consider when choosing a lanyard.

Safety Harness Lanyards

The range of safety harness lanyards available from Lifting Gear Direct are from the leading brand in height safety equipment – Kratos.

We have included a selection of commonly used lanyards including Kernmantle rope lanyards and webbing lanyards with various fittings. Lanyards for restraint and work positioning are readily available and you will also find a selection of energy absorbing lanyards. If you can’t find what height safety equipment you need then you can get in touch with our team, we can usually fulfil your requirements as we are leading suppliers of Kratos height safety equipment.

Other Equipment used for Height Safety

Whilst lanyards are an essential piece of height safety equipment they are not used alone and therefore additional equipment is needed. We have a super range of safety harnesses to suit various applications, though if you need a harness and lanyard you may want to take a look at our specialised height safety harness kits where they are both included in their own carry bag/case.

Individual connectors, hooks and karabiners can be found for different scenarios and we also have a range of Atex rated height safety equipment. If its anchorage you need they try the Kratos anchorage tripod.