Hoist Repair Service

Hoist repair service

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Hoist Repair Service

Hoist Repair Service
10 May, 2022

Hoist Repair Services 

Lifting equipment ranges from a large selection of products, from smaller items such as mini hoists up to larger items such as lifting gantry systems. Regardless of the size, when it comes to lifting equipment, it is essential that all pieces are in fully working order to ensure the job is completed promptly whilst ensuring all safety practices are met. Lifting hoists come in a variety of formats requiring different kinds of repairs, but rest assured, Lifting Gear Direct can inspect,  service and repair and test all types of lifting hoists.

When is a Hoist Repair Service needed?

However, there are unfortunate times when lifting gear can become worn and damaged, resulting in equipment being no longer fit for purpose. In such events, rather than purchasing new products which can be costly, it would be more beneficial to consider looking at lifting gear and hoist repair services. The type of repair is dependent on the equipment you are using and what has gone wrong. For example, a chain  may only need a damaged link removed, whereas electric hoists may need electric components replaced. There are no two fixes ever the same, which is why it is more beneficial to search for a trusted manufacturer before attempting any repairs yourself at home, doing this could only make the issue worse, causing a more costly exercise for the future.

What a Hoist Repair Service includes 

Lifting Gear Direct offer lifting equipment and hoist repair services, based in the West Midlands. If your product can be transported to our workshop there’s a very good chance we can repair it. Our team of engineers have many years of experience in all aspects of lifting gear and hoist repair services, having the expertise to correctly carry out all repairs on time to an excellent standard.

Before returning a repair, they are tested for the job intended to do, ensuring no further issues will arise. For example, a repaired chain will need load testing, electrical components are thoroughly checked, a plate clamp will be load tested and the jaws checked to ensure they safely grip the load. It is always better to be safe than sorry, this is not something we compromise on, look after your lifting equipment correctly and the chances are its safety and efficiency will look after you.

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