How a lifting gantry can help your automotive business

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How a lifting gantry can help your automotive business

How a lifting gantry can help your automotive business
20 November, 2019
A lifting gantry can be an important tool for many different types of businesses, including the automotive industry. Here we explain some of the main benefits using a lifting gantry can have to your business.

So how can a lifting gantry help your automotive business?

One of the main advantages of a lifting gantry is it’s much safer to use as it can help to lift heavy parts from the vehicle, such as the engine, or even the vehicle itself. This can obviously minimise the potential for employees getting injuries from trying to lift heavy parts from the vehicle.

In fact, our lifting gantries have been manufactured to the BS2853/BS2573 standards and are fully tested to ensure they have a CE marked status. Therefore, you can be sure our lifting gantries provide a safe working environment for your staff.

A lifting gantry can be designed bespoke to your business’s requirements so they can be designed to take up minimal space and be as portable as possible. For instance, our mobile gantry coms complete with heavy duty castors (with two of them braked as standard) meaning the lifting gantry can be moved easily and safely around your facilities, as well as being easy to store.

They can also be used to move large parts in and out of specific locations or move them between assembly and work stations quickly and easily so your business will be much more efficient as a result. Our gantries can also be easily dismantled should you move or expand into new premises.

As mentioned above, lifting gantries from Lifting Gear Direct can be designed bespoke to many different requirements which can make them multi-purpose. There are many features which can be included in your bespoke lifting gantry, including:

  • They can be fitted with pneumatic tyres to work outside or used in multiple processes or repairs across the facility.
  • We can also offer a number of additional extras, including safety features such as isolator switches and catenary/ festoon systems.
  • We can also offer a lifting gantry that is height adjustable so you can work with a range of larger vehicles, such as vans and trucks.

Why choose a lifting gantry from Lifting Gear Direct?

Now most of these features you probably have heard before, so why choose us to provide you with your lifting gear equipment. Lifting Gear Direct, incorporated in 2003, is a supplier and manufacturer of premium quality lifting gear, which comply to all of the latest industry quality and safety standards.

We also provide an excellent after sale customer care service, we can provide an annual on-site inspection to check if your equipment is safely functioning for years to come. We also have a repair and breakdown service should your equipment encounter any issues we will take a look.

Posted On: November 20, 2019