In this blog we will be continuing our series of looking at different industries and how they can make
use of A Frame lifting gantries, a form of lifting gear which can sometimes be

Using lifting gantries in the construction industry

House building is an extremely hot topic at the moment with
much of the media reporting that the UK is in the midst of a housing crisis,
where more houses urgently need to be built in order to meet demand – a recent study estimated 8.4
million people are affected by the housing crisis

As a house building business, you will probably be looking
for ways to make the process even more efficient for your workers on the site and
one of the pieces of equipment that can certainly help with this is an A Frame
lifting gantry. Here are some of the benefits of an A Frame lifting gantry that
may help your home building business.


One of the main advantages of A Frame lifting gantries is
they are much smaller in comparison to other crane type lifting equipment so
they can access parts of the building site which other lifting gear might not
be able to as easily due to restricted space. This can help to
transport the gantry in and out of the site for where they might need to
be used.

Also, as an A Frame lifting gantry can be easily assembled
and disassembled it is also quite easy to move them between different building
sites easily. If an aluminium lifting gantry is chosen then as well as been even lighter to handle they are even more portable and quicker to errect.


Another advantage of A Frame lifting gantries is how customisable
they are as they can be fitted with a variety of different appliances for many
different purposes, from festoon systems and isolator switches for safety, to
pneumatic tyres for transporting objects across difficult terrain or even height
adjustable/stability options via parking jacks so they can be used for a variety of different ground levels –
the options here are far greater than you might think.


Another surprising feature is how strong a lifting gantry
can be, with lifting gantries available up to 5,000kg so they can lift many of
the raw materials used in house building projects to aid  loading or perhaps maintenance of heavy items.

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