How a lifting gantry can help your manufacturing business

How a lifting gantry can help your manufacturing business

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How a lifting gantry can help your manufacturing business

How a lifting gantry can help your manufacturing business
10 December, 2019
If your company operates within the manufacturing sector then there are many tools and equipment that you will need to operate efficiently – one of these pieces of equipment is a lifting gantry. Here are a couple of reasons why these can help your business.

Benefits of a lifting gantry in manufacturing

Reducing manual loads
Lifting heavy objects against the forces of gravity can be very difficult to do manually by staff and it can be very strenuous and difficult. A lifting gantry can make it easier to lift objects, relieving workers from the strain which helps to keep the workplace fatigue free, so that your employees can work more efficiently on the production line.

As well as this, using a lifting gantry can help ensure you don’t breach health and safety regulations which could leave your business open to legal action should an employee get injured at work.

Ease of Use
A lifting gantry is very quick and easy to use. Your employees can lift heavy loads from their workstation in seconds and move the load to the next phase of production on a trolley. It should be noted that mobile lifting gantries made by Lifting Gear Direct are not really designed to be moved whilst loaded. They are designed to be taken to a load to be lifted.

A lifting gantry is surprisingly strong with some available that can lift up to 5,000kg which means they can be used for more lifting requirements in your manufacturing business than you might think.

Customisability and Flexibility
One of the great advantages of lifting gantries in particular is how customisable they are. They can be designed bespoke to a wide variety of different manufacturing industries – they can even be made for multi-purpose tasks! These additional features can be included for a variety of different reasons, from safety – such as isolator switches and festoon systems, through to pneumatic tyres so the lifting gantry can be manoeuvred more easily outside.

Cost effective and maintainability
The job of continuously lifting heavy loads requires a great deal of manpower which can be continuously expensive as you are paying staff to do this. However, a lifting gantry can be purchased once and will usually work for many years without issue. Many people also don’t realise that these machines are surprisingly easy to maintain in order to keep them working correctly and safely years to come.

A lifting gantry can also be cheaper in comparison to other more permanent lifting solutions which may be more manageable for your business in this period of uncertainty we are in with issues like Brexit.

Why choose a lifting gantry from Lifting Gear Direct?

Lifting Gear Direct is a supplier and manufacturer of premium quality lifting gear equipment that complies with all current industry quality and safety standards. All of our lifting gantries for manufacturing are built to the BS2853/BS2573 and they are also rigorously tested to ensure they
receive CE marked status.

Posted On: December 10, 2019