If you’re business works in the shipbuilding industry then
there are a variety of tools which are needed in order to work on them. One of
these pieces of equipment is the lifting gantry and though dock yards will
usually use large-scale gantry cranes, including ones to do the largest tasks
in building a ship, smaller lifting gantry cranes should also not be

Benefits and uses of a lifting gantry in ship building 


One of the main advantages of lifting gantries is they are
very portable. An A Frame lifting gantry can be fitted with heavy duty castors
which allow for easy transportation around the ship yard to wherever a heavy load needs to be lifted. As well
as this, an A Frame lifting gantry possess a surprising amount of strength with
some available that can lift up to 5,000kg.

Also, an A Frame lifting gantry can be easily assembled and
disassembled meaning they can be moved around the shipyard to different
projects easily which can make it possible to rotate the frames depending on
what is needed.


Another advantage is how customisable an A Frame lifting
gantry can be. Lifting Gear Direct can supply a range of different appliances
for your gantry to create the perfect lifting solution for you. These can be
for a variety of different reasons, from safety features such as festoon systems, knock out
boxes and isolator switches, or parking jacks to level up on uneven ground, so that the
gantry can lift even more items. Speak to one of our team to discuss your
lifting gear requirements.


Of course, another factor which every business owner has to
take into consideration is health and safety. One of the main advantages of a
lifting gantry over lifting something manually is it reduces the possibility of
employees being injured, which could be costly if they were to claim
compensation for the accident.

Furthermore, all of our lifting gantries are manufactured to
comply with the BS2853/BS2573 standards of safety and we also ensure all of our
products obtain the CE marked status.

Why choose a lifting gantry from Lifting Gear Direct?

Lifting Gear Direct has supplied a range of different
industries with their lifting gear requirements for 20 years. By
choosing us, you will have expert product advice from our team of
professionals, as well as nationwide delivery across the entire of the United

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