How a lifting gantry can help your warehouse business

How a lifting gantry can help your warehouse business

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How a lifting gantry can help your warehouse business

How a lifting gantry can help your warehouse business
5 December, 2019
If you own a warehouse or storage business then one of the crucial tools your company must have is the lifting gantry. Here are just some of the reasons why.

Lifting Gantry Portability for warehouses

Many warehouses in today’s distribution and logistics industries are often massive complexes, some of the largest ones include Amazon’s warehouse in Dunfermline, Scotland at 1m sq. ft and Morrisons’ distribution centre in Sittingbourne at over 900,000 sq. ft.

Inside these warehouses there can often be thousands of different products at once – some of which can be very large and heavy. All of our A Frame lifting gantries comes complete with heavy duty castors meaning any heavy items can be easily lifted onto a truck/trolley ready for moving throughout the facility which could have many obstructions including aisles, doorways and other obstacles. The mobile lifting gantries from Lifting Gear Direct are not designed to be moved whilst under load.

This means that you can be more efficient with handling customer orders you can organise your warehouse space to maximise your employees’ productivity which can be crucial with today’s consumer demand where speed is of the essence.

Another significant benefit of lifting gantries is how customisable they are, as they can be designed bespoke to many different businesses and can even be made multi-purpose. Indeed, there are many features which can be added including:

  • Safety features such as isolator switches and festoon systems which can be needed in warehouses where lots of staff could be moving around the warehouse floor at once.
  • If you have several warehouse units in a complex, then you may require your lifting gantries to be fitted with pneumatic tyres so that you can use them outside and move them between the units across the facility.
  • Aluminium lifting gantries are  height adjustable so you can work with a range of different sized objects.

Of course, another reason why you need a lifting gantry is health and safety as it is much safer to use a lifting gantry within a warehouse to lift heavy objects, which can minimise the potential for employees picking up injuries from trying to move heavy objects.

All of our lifting gantries are manufactured to the BS2853/BS2573 standards and they are fully tested in order to ensure they have a CE marked status.

A common misconception with lifting gantries is because they can appear quite small, they may not be very strong or capable of lifting very heavy objects – in actual fact lifting gantries can be surprisingly strong and there are gantries available which can lift up to 5000kg which makes them perfect for most warehouse businesses.

Why choose a lifting gantry from Lifting Gear Direct?
Lifting Gear Direct, incorporated in 2003, is a supplier and manufacturer of premium quality lifting gear which complies to all current industry quality and safety standards. We also provide an annual onsite inspection where we come along to your premises to check all of your lifting equipment is safe for years to come. We also have a fantastic repair and breakdown service should your equipment encounter any issues then we will take a look.

Posted On: December 5, 2019