How Lifting Equipment Can Help Create A Theme park

How lifting equipment can help create a theme park

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How Lifting Equipment Can Help Create A Theme park

How Lifting Equipment Can Help Create A Theme park
22 February, 2021

Creating a theme park is no easy job and it couldn’t be done without a variety of reliable lifting equipment. It can take years to get a theme park up and running and there is so much to consider when making one. From layout, design, local market research and then, implementing all of your plans and putting up theme park rides.

To successfully do this, it requires meticulous planning as well as industry experts who can make construction as easy as possible. You need to create restaurants, offices, ramps, consider the park’s layout and then, start putting up mammoth rides that reach hundreds of feet up into the air.

These days, theme park rides are often complex feats of engineering and require expertise and precision, so everyone’s safety can be ensured. So, how can lifting devices create a theme park? Here are just some ways each piece of equipment is a part of the construction process. 

Equipment to Shift Heavy Objects

When creating a theme park you can be sure that there are lots of heavy pieces to assemble and move throughout the site. Moving heavy parts of a ride, or even the equipment used on them, can be a challenge unless you have the right lifting device.

One piece of moving and lifting equipment that is no doubt invaluable is a scissor lift, as it moves and carries up to 500kg of weight so workers don’t need to. As a hydraulic table, it can be very handy to elevate objects too, when putting them in place. You can also get scissor lifts that can navigate rough terrain if the worksite is still in its early stages.

Move Tracks Into Place

One of the main attractions of theme parks is that they have fantastic heights. This adds adrenaline and daring to all of the rides that take you hundreds of feet up in the air. This also means that workers will have to assemble and work on components that are up high as well, or install parts so that the rides can function well while being safe. Scaffolding is frequently used and therefore a scaffold hoist or scaffold runway system would be helpful.

One of the most useful pieces of heavy equipment moving tools for construction workers has to be cranes, so they can move the winding tracks into place. Cranes can lift anything from 10 to 60 tonnes, so it is no surprise that these are so integral to building these incredible rides. A rescue safety cage is also a must on these large sites, so everyone can work easily at great heights.

Pulleys and Hoists Lift Tools

As well as lifting your workers up and down in the air, you will also need to get the tools, equipment and materials up there too. This is where hoist lifting devices come in handy and an electric hoist will also minimise the manpower you have to expend too.

This means when putting together metal frames, working on the electrics or installing and painting the visually stunning sets and worlds, everything you need can be transported safely to your workspace. Hoists are much more reliable and consistent than other methods and this tool lifting device also enables you to suspend things in the air too until you need them.

Handling Chemicals and Construction Materials

There are so many chemicals and materials used when making a theme park. You could need solid concrete foundations, adhesives and sealants, protective coatings and asphalt modifiers and you will need theme en mass as well. It is so important to be able to move these items and to do so safely, especially when they are harmful chemicals.

A very handy piece of equipment are drum lifting devices and the drum truck pallet loader makes it really easy to unload drums and transport them around the site. If something a little more is needed, then automatic drum lifter tongs will act as huge tongs, which will grab the drum and move it. This automatic lifter lets you move steel or plastic drums over large distances and heights, so construction can run smoothly and the rides can be up and running in no time.

Keeping Everyone Safe

When working on huge sites with large equipment and heavy loads be moved around all the time, it is important to have all the right safety equipment you need. A part from all the safety training these theme park professionals undertake, there are a few pieces of kit that couldn’t do without.

The most essential has to be a safety harness. These come in an array of styles, but in a nutshell, they keep workers safe when working at great heights. They also allow workers to reach vantage points from all angles, giving them dexterity as well as safety in the air.

Moving Parts on the Ground

Before you get each piece up in the air to make the theme park ride, you, first of all, need to move material around on the ground. Whether this is metal beams or tracks, a forklift is probably the most useful equipment to use. 

A nifty forklift jib arm can be attached to your forklift, so items can be moved with ease. Because it’s extendable, it gives you a lot more reach and precision than would with manual equipment, so it certainly needed when building a theme park from scratch.

To learn more about how we can help you choose the right lifting equipment to create a theme park, contact us, today. Otherwise, you can find more information on the Lifting Gear Direct blog.