How to Choose a Winch That Works for Your Business

How to choose a winch that works for your business

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How to Choose a Winch That Works for Your Business

How to Choose a Winch That Works for Your Business
7 February, 2018
We have a range of high quality winches here at Lifting Gear Direct. As with many of the categories of products that we stock, we have a number of different items, each offering their own benefits and unique features. For that reason, here we have laid out a general guide to winches which will help you decide which is the right one for your business.

What are winches?

A winch is loosely described as a ”machine that lifts heavy and pulls objects by turning a chain or rope around a tube-shaped device.” This is a good definition to describe the equipment, but of course there are many different types and varieties on the market.

Some winches can be mounted in different places, while others are more useful for towing operations rather than lifting. And each winch can be operated in a different way, and with different strengths too. So how do you decide between them?

Considerations for choosing a winch

There are a number of different types of winches to choose from, some are manual wind up, wire rope types, some are powered; then you will see the cable pullers or Tirfor winches which work a little differently.

The type of application you need to complete

The tasks that winches can complete can be easily divided into two general categories. These are lifting and lowering tasks, or pulling and tensioning tasks. For example, perhaps you simply need to lift and lower a load within a warehouse. Or maybe you need to pull a tree stump out of the ground; a common task within the forestry industry.
A Tirfor winch or cable puller can be used to pull tree stumps out of the ground.

While most winches are capable at performing both tasks, some are better suited than others. Cable pullers are  more advantageous when it comes to pulling and tensioning operations and can be used with unlimited lengths of wire rope. Standard wire rope winches generally have rope length limitations depending on the size and how much rope can be wound around the winches drum.

Power source - Manual, electric or pneumatic

Another factor you’ll want to consider is how you wish to operate your winch. There are three main ways to do this; manually using your worker, pneumatically using air, or electrically using a power supply.

Generally, manual winches will be less expensive than their counterparts, but will also place a greater strain on your workers. But, they are the best choice should you not have room for an air unit or a power supply.

How you wish to mount your winch

Another way in which winches operate in different ways is how they are mounted. They can be free standing (Tirfor winches) column, floor or base and wall mounted. It’s not necessarily about choosing one type of mounting over the other based on benefits, but more just how you wish to conduct operations. Although, of course, wall mounted equipment is a great way to make use of the space within your worksite.

Need more help deciding?

If you’re still unsure which is the right winch for your business, then no problem, that’s what we’re here for! We have plenty of experience within the industry and with working with a range of different sectors, so we are more than able to find suitable equipment for you. Please either give us a call on 01384 76961 or get in contact with us.

Posted On: February 7, 2018