How to operate a jib crane safely?

How to operate a jib crane safely

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How to operate a jib crane safely?

How to operate a jib crane safely?
18 February, 2020
A jib crane can be a very beneficial tool for any business with a requirement to lift and move heavy materials, whether it be construction, storage or manufacturing. However, as the equipment’s purpose is to lift and move heavy loads there are of course some steps which need to be taken in order to ensure the equipment is used safely to minimise damage to it, as well as hazards to your staff.
Always be mindful of health and safety regulations, especially LOLER, when it comes to any lifting operation, as well as the safe use of lifting equipment guidelines..

How to safely operate a Jib crane

Here are a few basic tips for ensuring you use your swing jib crane in a safe and effective manner. 

Clear movement path
First of all, make sure the path of movement is completely
clear from obstructions, people etc. which could be damaged or injured should
any accidents occur with using the jib crane.

Positioning the jib crane arm correctly
Before lifting the load, you need to position the arm of the
jib crane carefully and the hook must be directly over the centre of gravity of
the load. Never use the jib crane to drag loads along – make sure it is used to
lift, move and place objects back down.

Lifting the load
When picking up and setting down the load, be sure to do so
gently to prevent shock loads or the jib arm to whip which could potentially
cause damage to the crane and reduce its lifespan, not to mention cause an injury.

Transporting the load
When the crane is rotating the load around, avoid making the
load swing as this can put extra strain on the hoist as well as pose a health
and safety risk to any people working in the proximity. Use a tag line if necessary.

A significant oversight of many companies is ensuring their
staff have training and knowledge of the crane’s capabilities and limitations
to ensure that the equipment is used safely.

Lack of Inspection
Another area which many people overlook is inspecting and
maintaining their lifting gear. Though jib cranes are designed to be durable,
it can often lull people into a false sense of security that their “old
faithful” lifting gear will always work and will never break down. It is
certainly true that jib cranes can last for many years to come provided they
are properly inspected and maintained.

Checking things such as load chains or wire rope inspections
should take place frequently to ensure your crane is in a safe operating
condition. At Lifting Gear Direct, we offer routine service as well as
preventative maintenance contracts which include site examination and testing
on any loose lifting gear, runways and cranes, which can be a great way to
ensure your jib cranes are maintained in an excellent condition.

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Posted On: February 18, 2020