Wire rope can be used in many different ways, in a lifting operation for example, equipment will typically be comprised of a crane, a hoist, and probably multiple types of loose lifting tackle. While the cranes and the hoists can vary greatly in nature, the loading medium is generally almost always one of three types of lifting sling; chains, webbing slings, or wire rope. While of course there are other varieties, these are the most popular, and this product has simply grown in prominence in recent years. Here we have looked at how wire rope products can deliver ROI for your business.

What is wire rope?

Before we look at the specific benefits and advantages of wire rope, we want to briefly examine just what the equipment actually is. It resembles your typical nature fibre rope, with the difference being that it is man-made out of steel wires.

It has a relatively long history that dates back to the 1830s. It was first invented by a German mining engineer who was looking for an alternative to steel chains which, at the time, he found unreliable.

Wire rope is constructed from several metal wires which have been wound together to form strands. These strands are then woven around each other, as well as a strong central core, to create the final product. This makes a strong piece of rope that isn’t simply reliant on one strand or wire, but a strong piece of lifting gear where the pressure and strain of a load is spread throughout multiple metal wires.

Thanks to this innovative construction, wire rope products have become more and more prevalent in recent years. But how can it help to deliver ROI for your business?

The benefits of this steel wire rope

One of the most common ways to measure ROI (return of investment) is how long will your equipment last? When making your initial upfront investment, you want to know that you are going to get a relatively long and useful service life out of your wire rope products. Luckily, this equipment is designed to provide you with usage time and time again.

It can also be used in many areas where other items of lifting equipment can’t be used. For example, hazardous environments or outdoors. This is because this product is designed to resist corrosive and harmful elements, especially the stainless steel variety. This allows you to complete more than one operation with the same piece of equipment.

The products have a good level of resistance to corrosion and rust

And, to further highlight this point, you may not be surprised to learn that wire rope is used in dozens of industries around the world for hundreds of applications. Whether it’s performing lifting or lowering tasks, or maybe it’s to be used as internal structuring for buildings, wire rope can be utilised in more ways than one by your business. Wire Stainless steel wire rope looks good, is great outdoors as well as in, is clean and can be used for multiple architectural applications such as stair balustrades, hanging shelves, decking and garden barriers and so much more.

Ready to supercharge your business with wire rope products?

As you can see products that use this equipment are extremely useful for many businesses today. Not only are they long-lasting, but they are highly versatile, meaning that companies can see a return on investment in more ways than one.

We have several types of products here at Lifting Gear Direct, such as our wire rope hoists or wire rope winches, as well as our extensive range of rope on its own, complete with additional end fittings.

If you would like to hear more about how this gear could benefit you and your business, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here.