Hydraulic hoses

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Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic Hoses

A range of hoses specifically for hydraulic systems. Buy a high pressure hose from our range at Lifting Gear Direct today.

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About Hoses used in Hydraulics

Because hoses used in hydraulic systems have to endure high pressures they need to be pertinent to the task.

The special hose’s are built up in multiple layers to ensure they can withstand the high pressure placed in them by the hydraulic tools, these layers often include steel fabrics like braided wires, rubbers and thermoplastics.

The hoses will transport the hydraulic fluid between components within the same system including manifolds and cylinders for example.

We have 4 types of hydraulic hoses available with various maximum pressures then can undergo; the smallest has a maximum 700 bar pressure and the largest has a 2500 bar pressure limit.

Hydraulic hoses – Typical Issues

The way in which hydraulic hoses are used can make them vulnerable to damage than cannot always be seen, however regular checks can minimise potential issues. The main issues that can affect these hoses are; tube erosion which can be inside or out and often caused by dry air, incorrect fluid compatibility, heat aged, abrasion, improper assemble and insertion depth and over bending.

Hoses should be fully extended whilst in use to prevent both outer and inner tube damage. Both continuous high velocities and particles in the fluid can cause inner tube erosion as can over bending especially whilst in use. Dry or aged air can cause inner tube cracking whilst high heat can cause the hose to harden then crack.

Failures can occur from incorrect assembly, for example, if the tube is not inserted enough or the connectors are dirty and the debris prevents a complete connection, and therefore can cause leakage.

Other Hydraulic Fittings

Alongside our hoses we can supply various other types of hydraulic fittings such as a range of manifolds and gauges. Couplers are also available as well as hydraulic cylinders, pumps and jacks. Browse the full fange of hydraulic equipment and you should find everything you need for your task, call us if you need more help.

Model Application
  max pressure
THS700 700 Bar
THS1000 1000 Bar
THS1800 1800 Bar
THS2500 2500 Bar