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Imer tr225 vn builders hoist

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Imer TR225 VN Builders Hoist

Imer TR225 VN Builders Hoist

The Imer TR225 VN builders hoist is a high speed Imer scaffold hoist which can lift loads at speeds of up to 38 metres per minute, probably one of the fastest on the market. Perfect for attaching to a scaffold pole via clamps or scaffold prop, the prop is recommended for the highest stability
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Properties of the Imer TR225 VN Builders Hoist

Not only is this a fast working hoist it can also lift extremely high with maximum working heights at 50 metres. It can transport loads up to 150 kg on its 4mm diameter steel wire rope which comes complete with a load hook fitted with a safety catch to ensure all loads stay put.

This Imer scaffold hoist also boasts low noise levels so can be used without harm to the operator’s ears, it will also be less annoying to people nearby.

Other standard features on the Imer TR225 VN scaffold hoist are the work positioning lever, an IP67 plug; self braking motor and an extendible bracket up to 1120mm. The hoist also incorporates a multi-pin connector to enable the pendant control to be changed if required. It also features ARS upper and lower limit devices for additional safety.

Builders Hoist Accessories

There are numerous accessories available for use with scaffold hoists and gantry hoists, some can change the way they fit and some will make lifting certain materials much easier. Imagine how much effort and how much time it would take to carry 2 full mortar buckets up to a high level! Then look at the images and imagine how little time and effort would be needed if you were to use this builders scaffold hoist! It’s a no-brainer!

Other scaffold hoist accessories include a range of props, to enable the hoist to be fitted to different areas; multi-hooks, clamps, brick baskets, rubbish chutes and more.


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  TR225 VN
Max. Capacitykg150
Av. Full load lifting speedm/min38
Max. Working heightm/min50
Wire rope diametermm4
Rope lengthm51
Motor power ratekW1.3
Motor speedrpm2650
Motor running currentA10.1
Machine weightkg48
SPL in operator positiondB(A)<75
Dimensions w/l/hmm390/770(1170)520
packing dimensions w/l/hmm350/820/550