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Imer Scaffold Hoists

Imer Electric Hoists for Scaffolding

If you are a builder or work on construction sites the chances are that you have seen or used a scaffolding hoist, they are also sometimes referred to as a builders hoist although these require a gantry frame rather than scaffolding. We stock a range of top quality scaffold hoists on our site, covering a range of load capacities and maximum working heights. IMER is amongst the top manufacturers with 8 models on offer including a scaffold winch right here at Lifting Gear Direct, along with products from its close rival TEA - L’Europea.

Imer BE200 Scaffold Winch


Imer BE200 Scaffold Winch Features As standard the BE200 hoist / winch comes wi..

Imer ETR200 N Scaffold Winch


Features of the Imer ETR200 N Scaffold Winch One of the main features of this s..

IMER TR 225N Scaffold Winch


Benefits of the IMER TR 255N Scaffold Winch This special pole helps to even out..

Imer AP 150 Scaffold Winch


Using the Imer AP 150 Scaffold Winch This winch is usually placed on the ground..

Imer TR225 VN Builders Hoist


Properties of the Imer TR225 VN Builders Hoist Not only is this a fast working ..

IMER ET 200N Scaffold Winch


 It is also simple to set up and use, which is good news for those who are ..

IMER ES 150N Scaffold Winch


 Remember that if this model is not right for you, we stock other scaffold ..

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Why use an IMER Scaffold Hoist

IMER is one of the most respected brand names when it comes to equipment for the building/construction area due to the fact that the products they manufacture are designed specifically for this industry. This gives them great insight into the problematic areas of building work and their products offer the solutions. They also have a great range of special accessories to compliment each scaffold hoist.

IMER Scaffold hoists are a great example; the majority of construction sites will use scaffolding at some time throughout the building process, it also goes without saying that materials and tools will need to be taken to higher levels at some stage, physically carrying these items can impose many risks, to the person carrying them, the items themselves and any person who maybe passing by, it is also time consuming and at times, impractical!

Installing & Using IMER Scaffold Hoists

Because a scaffold hoist can be clamped onto a scaffold pole, it is very easy to change its location and therefore can be used all around the site. An electrically powered IMER scaffold hoist efficiently lifts your materials to wherever you need them safely and quickly with minimal risk.

IMER scaffold hoists are the preferred lifting device by many builders, especially on larger builds, giving them a cost effective lifting means to carry out a quicker and safer build.

Overview of IMER Scaffold Winch Models

There are three main models of scaffold hoist from IMER to consider here at Lifting Gear Direct, each of which caters to a slightly different type of customer.

The most compact of the bunch is the ES 150N which packs a 150kg load capacity, a 19 metre per minute average lifting speed, and a 26 metre wire rope.

The ET 200N takes things up a notch with its 200kg capacity, a rigid and reliable framework to accommodate the hoist securely and safely, an IP65-rated pendant control unit, and a self braking motor.

The TR 255N shares the 200kg capacity of the ET 200N, but has a greater max lifting height of 30 meters, as well as a quiet and composed motor that makes life easier for operators.

Imer Scaffold Winch & 110volt scaffold hoist

Working a little differently from the standard scaffold hoist there is the scaffold winch which carries loads up high without needing to carry the hoist up beforehand, read more about the AP 150 scaffold winch. As 240volt equipment is not permitted on UK construction sites most hoists are available in 110volt, so please ask to clarify for your model.

Help with Choosing IMER Scaffold Hoists

You do not need to speculate about which of IMER’s quality scaffold hoist models is right for you thanks to the advice that the Lifting Gear Direct team can supply. A quick call to 01384 76961 will get you all the help you need when the time comes to make a decision. Contact us online if an email response is the best option. You can also check out our other hoisting devices in our extensive hoist and hoisting equipment range.

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