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Imer tr 225n scaffold winch

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IMER TR 225N Scaffold Winch

IMER TR 225N Scaffold Winch

The IMER TR 225N Scaffold winch / hoist is ready fixed to its own robust framework, we supply these hoists complete with the separate scaffold attachment pole to enable easy fitting to any scaffolding pole with clamps.
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Benefits of the IMER TR 255N Scaffold Winch

This special pole helps to even out the weight, distributing the forces across the pole which makes it more stable in use. The hoist itself will simply slide onto the attachment pins incorporated into the separate fixing pole. One of the main benefits to this set up is that the attachment pole can be secured to any existing scaffolding tower prior to fitting the hoist, this makes the task lighter and therefore easier.

 Unlike the standard model Imer ET 200N scaffold hoist the IMER TR 225N Scaffold hoist incorporates a telescopic frame which can extend  from 770mm up to 1120mm giving you 350mm of extra reach, together with a maximum lifting height of 30 metres as standard this scaffold hoist has excellent height of lift and reach capabilities. 

IMER TR 255N Scaffold Hoist Safety Features

With Low noise emissions at less than 70 dB(A) allows operation without harm to the operator

The IMER TR 225N scaffold hoist possesses an upper limit safety device to prevent the load moving up to its highest point, this works with the positive drive and thrust spring in the device. Also incorporated into this hoist is an anti rewind system this system, exclusive to IMER stops the rope from reversing on the drum to keep the drum and wire rope damage free. 

The work positioning lever incorporated into the hoist frame prevents the hoist from unwanted movement during the lifting process; the self braking motor also aids safety.

Optional accessories to accompany this Imer scaffold / builders hoist include a 3 button pendant with a 5 metre cable or a 30 metre cable control with low voltage. 

IMER TR 255N Scaffold Hoist Add-Ons

We can supply a trolley to enable this hoist to be used with a gantry frame as well as many accessories available to further enhance this scaffold hoist. Take a look at the scaffold hoist and gantry hoist accessories page.

Also remember to check out our other scaffold hoists, which come in a range of sizes and across several load capacity categories. In addition to IMER kit, we offer hoists from TEA to give you more choice. 

Get Guidance on IMER Scaffold Hoists & Other Lifting Gear

We are happy to help any customers that need a little assistance when it comes to picking the right scaffold hoist for the job. You can speak to our experts by calling 01384 76961 or by filling out the contact form on our site with your question. We reply to every query as quickly as we can and draw on our years of experience to provide great guidance every time.

Maximum capacity (KG)200
Av. Full load lifting speed19
Max. Working height (m)30
Ø steel rope (mm)5
Rope length (m)31
Motor power rate 230v/50hz  (kW)0.75
Motor speed (rpm)1380
Running current (A)7.2
Machine weight (KG)46
SPL in operators position dB(A)<70
Dimensions w/l closed (open)/h (mm)330/770(1170)/520
Packing dimensions w/l/h (mm)350/820/500

Work positioning lever
IP67 plug
Trolley available for use with gantry
Upper limit safety device
  Hook with block and wedge
Self braking motor with magnetic device
Bracket can be extended up to 1120mm