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Industrial lifting hoists

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Industrial Lifting Hoists

Industrial Lifting Hoists
1 November, 2022

Industrial Lifting Hoists 

The Industrial lifting hoist description is commonly used in the market today, however, this is a brief description and does not necessarily give an insight into what equipment you are using or looking for. Yes, all lifting hoists work to lift heavy loads but there are differences between all. The lifting capacity, the space capacity, power supply and what you are lifting all must be considered before purchasing lifting equipment.

For example, scaffold hoists are better suited to be attached to a scaffold frame at height whereas electric lifting hoists are better suited for lifting industrial equipment such as crates in a warehouse environment or transporting vehicles.

Here we look at the differences between each:

Scaffold Hoists 

Scaffold hoists are mounted to scaffold sections securely and are suspended from the scaffold at a 90-degree angle to lift and manoeuvre building materials. They can lift and lower loads up to a capacity of 200kg and are easy to move around construction sites if need be.

Imer BE200

Electric Lifting Hoists

These are versatile pieces of equipment and can be used at home or for commercial purposes. They are typically used when an object becomes too heavy to move manually. Most electric hoists are chain powered but can also be purchased as a wire rope and can lift anything between 125kg to 10,000kg. There’s a large range of electric hoists on the market in a selection of named brands, depending on which you prefer and your price range.

Yale CPE/F Electric Hoist 

Chain Blocks

Chain Blocks are a good choice when carrying out lifting tasks in most environments, they are manually operated by a pull chain and incorporated with a heavy duty latch which closes against the hook creating a firm closures ensuring safety is met at all times.  Extremely heavy loads can be lifted by some models.

C4 Atex Chain Block

Air Hoists 

Air Hoists, also known as pneumatic hoists are very similar to electric hoists. The difference being is an air hoist is powered by compressed air and is controlled by pendant control. This means there are fewer mechanical parts compared to an electric hoist making it a lightweight, mobile piece of lifting equipment. Ideal when there is no electric power supply and for areas where using electric could be hazardous.

JDN Profi 3TI – 20 TI Air Hoists 


Builders Hoists

Gantry hoists or builders hoists are specialist industrial lifting hoists and work by being securely attached to a gantry frame. They are used where space is limited to fit a scaffold tower frame.  Builders hoists are electrically powered and pendant controlled,  they can handle the same requirements as a scaffold hoist would.

HE 800TF Builders Hoist 

Lever Hoists 

One of the most widely used pieces of hoisting equipment today is the ratchet lever hoist, as they can be purchased small enough to fit in your toolbox. Lever hoists have the ability to manoeuvre and lift items in many positions, are lightweight and compact yet doesn’t impact the lifting capabilities.

Yale Handy Lever Hoist 

Minifor Lifting Hoists

Minifor hoists are a portable piece of equipment that has an unlimited cable length which enables lifting at a greater height and unlimited pulling lengths.  It has the benefit of an auto clamping action meaning the rope proportions the load evenly and locks into position with its spring clamps.

Not all industrial lifting hoists are suitable for all areas of work, universal lifting equipment can be purchased for many tasks, however, if it is a specific area you are looking to focus on or a large lifting capacity, please contact Lifting Gear Direct where we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.