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Kratos FA 30 400 18 'Y' Forked Shock Absorbing Webbing Lanyard

Kratos FA 30 400 18 'Y' Forked Shock Absorbing Webbing Lanyard

1.8 metres of 30mm wide webbing with 35mm webbing shock absorber, the FA 30 400 18 'Y' forked lanyard is available from Lifting Gear Direct.
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Y Forked Shock Absorbing Webbing Lanyard

Conjured up by the team at Kratos and supplied to users by Lifting Gear Direct, this y forked shock absorbing webbing lanyard is a specialised example of height safety equipment which provides a number of unique perks. 


The bulk of this webbing lanyard is made up of 30mm wide polyester that should resist wear and tear as well as environmental hazards. It also features an energy absorber, in this case 35mm wide webbing that can soak up shocks that occur during a fall. 

1.8 metres in length, one end of this lanyard splits into two, with a pair of identical steel scaffold hooks attached to this Y forked element. At the opposite end is a single screw-locking steel karabiner which is suitable for affixing to a safety harness

Providing a pair of attachment points in the form of the scaffold hooks and the y-shaped lanyard construction means that wearers can position themselves more precisely, safely and with greater stability than if they were reliant on a single connector. 

Potential component combinations

There are lots of other height safety products which can be properly paired with this Y forked shock absorbing webbing lanyard from Kratos, including fall arresters and safety anchorage solutions which we stock and supply here at LGD. 

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