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Kratos rescue confined space tripod

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Kratos Rescue & confined Space Tripod

Kratos Rescue & confined Space Tripod

There is a lot to like about this confined space tripod from Kratos, with its 500kg load limit and its bevy of other compelling features that make it ideal for use in situations where conditions are cramped.

There are 2 sizes available:

7ft (FA 60 001 00)

10ft (FA 60 002 00)

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This Kratos FA 60 001 00 tripod acts as a rescue tripod and or a work positioning tripod and falls into our height safety anchorage range.

Confined Space Tripod

This anchorage tripod is perfect for using in areas where the user needs to descend into a confined space, such as down a manhole. They can also be used for rescue scenarios in tight spaces. They are frequently used with fall arrest blocks and/or a rescue winch which Lifting Gear Direct can also supply.

Designed as a temporary anchor point this tripod complies with EN795 type B standards and also the machinery directive 98/37CEE to lift to a maximum 500kg.

About the Rescue Tripod

There are two models of this tripod available, the smallest is around 7 feet and adjusts in height from 1.15m up to its maximum 2.15 metres; the larger model adjusts from 1.9 metres to its maximum height of 2.9 metres or 10 feet. The strength of the anchorage point is greater than 12kN on both models.

The span of the legs goes from 0.9 metres to 1.3 metres for the 7 foot model and up to 1.8m on the 10 foot model. The legs incorporate rubber bottomed steel support shoes to help increase friction for good stability. It weighs just 13kg in total, but with an under head capacity of half a tonne and an individual leg capacity of 250kg, it should be strong and sturdy enough for lots of challenging use cases. 

A pair of pulleys are located at the tripod’s head, giving you the means to pass a cable through the assembly and bear loads. 

How to use the Tripod

There are just 6 easy steps to set up the tripod ready for use;

1.       Open out the feet as far as possible (A)

2.       Set up the 3 ball pins (B)

3.       Take out the 3 dowel pins from tubes (D)

4.       To adjust the height slide up or down each leg in turn and insert the dowel pin back into the tube holes when the correct height is reached.  Ensure all legs are of equal height.

5.       Set and secure the foot strap to the correct level (C)

You should ensure the ground on which it is placed is horizontal and the legs are level.

Additional Information

Reaching the top of the tripod to pass through a winch rope or attach your fall arrest equipment can  be a little difficult due to its height when fully erected. In order to  alleviate this issue  there is a specially designed footboard or foot hold (available separately)  which fixes to a tripod leg; this gives you a secure foot hold to raise yourself up so the anchor points can be reached easily.

Before each use the tripod should be checked over for any potential defect such as dented tubes/legs, missing or bent pins, missing or damaged rubber feet and all securing straps. A fall arrest harness must always be used with the rescue tripod.

Other inclusions & perks

Like some of our harness kits, this confined space tripod is shipped with its own carry case included. 

It will be a good investment if purchased alongside height safety products like the lanyards and fall arresters we stock, although it is worth remembering that it is suited solely to vertical load bearing use. 

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