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Kratos steel snap hook fa 50 202 17

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Kratos Steel Snap Hook - FA 50 202 17

Kratos Steel Snap Hook - FA 50 202 17

Kratos Steel Snap Hook - FA 50 202 17

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Steel Snap Hook

Kratos makes lots of height safety equipment, with this steel snap hook being a popular product from the range of items we stock here at Lifting Gear Direct. It can be coupled quickly to a harness or anchor point, then remain reliably attached until the user chooses to release it. 

Snap hook advantages

Like many connectors, a steel snap hook will ensure that it is safe to work at height whether you are suspended a hundred metres above the ground or are only a little above head height. 

Because it is made of steel, you can be certain that this snap hook is strong enough to withstand rigorous use, as attested to by its 23kN breaking strength. 

The gate opening of this snap hook is 18 millimetres across, which should be enough to accommodate D rings on harnesses as well as safety lanyards and other components. 

Other equipment you may need

You can never be too careful when working at height, so a snap hook like this should be just one of the products you invest in before carrying out this type of operation. 

Our harness kits could be ideal if you want to bundle together lots of useful products, or you can simply buy individual items, up to and including access platforms, as you see fit. 

Get in touch with LGD

A quick call to 01384 76961 will let you chat to an LGD sales specialist about steel snap hooks and any other products. Our experts can also be reached with an email.

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