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Kuplex grade 8 & 10  chain

Kuplex grade 8 & 10 chain

The grade 8 chain is colour coded in black and is embossed with Kuplex and grade 8 for easy identification. 

  • Brand:: Kuplex
  • Product Code: Kuplex grade 8 & 10 chain
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About Kuplex grade 8 & 10 chain

Kuplex grade 10 chain comes in a range of sizes from 7mm up to 32mm with working load limits up to 40 tonnes - making them 25% stronger than grade 8 chain.   

They undergo non-destructive testing, calibration and visual inspections. All Kuplex chain is embossed with kuplex & KX10 indicating grade 10 at 20 link intervals.  

Together with the dual 8+10 components you can make up the perfect chain sling for your lifting application.

Please refer to the information given below for precise technical details.