Lifting Bags for Industrial Lifting Tasks

Lifting bags for industrial lifting tasks

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Lifting Bags for Industrial Lifting Tasks

Lifting Bags for Industrial Lifting Tasks
10 February, 2022

When lifting any load to a height, it is imperative that they are fully secure, dropped objects can cause injuries. A lifting bag helps to prevent dropped objects as well as the hazards that occur when trying to lift the load to a height. Lifting engineers will use this type of lifting bag as part of their safety at work procedures for load security, lifting stability and lessen manual strain on personnel. Industrial lifting bags come in many designs and sizes with speciality bags for specific items, take a look at the vast range of lifting bags at Lifting Gear Direct

Benefits & Features of Our Industrial lifting bag range

industrial lifting bag featuresThe lifting bags we supply for industrial lifting tasks differ greatly from the white, woven type with a couple of stitched on handles you commonly see when garden aggregates are delivered for example.

The type we supply are heavy duty and built to last. Made from heavy duty materials with a triple wall construction. The biggest design benefit is the integrated lifting sling. This is kept in the optimal position for load stability and strength by being threaded through a special channel which also allows complete and thorough inspection.

Many lifting bags you can find on our website have different base options, either a hard tray or soft boot to provide excellent abrasion resistance at the heaviest wear part of the bags.

Within the collection there are different kinds of openings and closures. We have open top bags, round or square, for easy filling and access; and a collection of closed top bags with different top closure types, available in round or square shapes too. There is a range of lifting bags for use on construction sites as well as a range of special lifting bags for specific purposes.

Lifting Bag Uses

Lifting bags can offer a great solution to many issues that can arise when lifting certain loads. Imagine trying to carry all your tools up a ladder or scaffold tower! This could take numerous trips, not to mention being somewhat hazardous as you need your hands free.

When you opt to use a lifting bag, all your tools and materials can be placed in the bag and lifted in one go by a hoisting device so they are there, ready for use when you reach your destination to begin working at height.

There are many other scenarios that could benefit from the use of a lifting bag. For example, do you need to install solar panels, window frames or some plasterboard sheets? If so then there is a lifting bag which will suit this task, a panel lifting bag has sides which open and close using quick snap buckles for easy loading and removal.

Working on construction sites pose an array of different lifting operations from lifting tools to mortar. Bucket lifting bags are a great solution for lifting may items like these and can even be used with old buckets with broken handles.

Gas cylinders are often required at height but are not easy to lift and manoeuvre. Not a problem if you use a special designed gas bottle lifting bag which also incorporates some great safety features given the nature of the load.

These are just a few examples of how a lifting bag may be used but there are many more and your choice will depend largely on the type of load you wish to lift.

Browse our full range to find your optimal lifting bag and get in touch if you would like some help or advice.

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