Lifting Equipment - From Film Sets to Rock Climbing

Lifting equipment from film sets to rock climbing

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Lifting Equipment - From Film Sets to Rock Climbing

Lifting Equipment - From Film Sets to Rock Climbing
20 April, 2021

Lifting equipment is an integral part of many different industries; if you want to lift a range of objects safely and securely, then you will need to find the right equipment for you. From smooth camera transitions using jibs to reliable body harnesses to control your fall when climbing to hoists  on set or winches for industrial fishing, there is plenty of lifting equipment at your disposal.

Each one of these lifting tools makes your hobbies and professions safer, so take a look below to see exactly what they can do for you. Filming, fishing and rock climbing can all be made easier with these handy pieces of equipment.

Electric Hoists

Electric hoists are used throughout the film and tv industry. They are used to secure expensive camera equipment that is needed to capture and record great scenes, and to manoeuvre stage props. They are also useful when you need to access hard-to-reach areas of the set (to adjust lighting, sound and so on). 

A stage hoist is best suited to this role. It is a highly dexterous lifting device, with components designed to offer next-level safety, precision and fluency of movement. The key new features of the device include: load wheels, a chain flux system, and a limit flux. These lifting device features guarantee that you can carefully lift expensive or delicate equipment, with the knowledge that you are doing so correctly and with minimum risk. This is really valuable, both within the film industry, and across a range of other sectors. 

Fishing Hoists & Winches

When going sea fishing, especially if you are expecting to get a large haul, you will need a reliable electrical hoist or winch to pull your catch out of the water. When sea fishing, or fishing on an industrial scale, you can expect to handle huge amounts of fish, as well as bigger fish in general.

If you want to reel them in quickly and effectively, a hoist is essential to get the fish from point A to point B as soon as possible.  Winches mean that less energy is wasted by the fisherman, as you don’t have to manually lift and transfer the fish to the deck, making it far more convenient. Electric hoists are great whether you need to suspend a catch or transfer fish on or off-board your ship, hoist lifting devices make life much easier.

Wire rope winches are also used here. Typically made from steel cable or aluminium, they are once again used on fishing boats to haul in the nets. With manual and electric options available, you can expend as much or as little effort as you like.  

Rock Climbing Harnesses

If you want to scale mountains and rock faces or do some urban climbing, you will need some quality safety gear. Rock climbers always need reliable safety equipment, and an essential aspect of their repertoire is their body harness. These are perfect for preventing life-threatening falls, allowing you to have fun and stay safe at great heights. Connectors and lanyards also play an important part in climbing, locking karabiners are typically used to connect the harness to a safe anchor point and/or lanyard.

Scaling and working at great heights is part of many people’s recreational and professional pursuits, whether that is rock climbing, working on electricity pylons or fixing problems on top of bridges. This is why body harnesses are so important, as they control your fall, protect your body and keep you safe.   

Rock Climbing Ropes

If you are going to use a safety harness, then you will also need a rope. Ropes go hand in hand with this piece of safety equipment, and there are a lot of ropes to choose from. From supporting your bodyweight to leveraging heavy equipment, or even hauling your climbing equipment and supplies up the side of a mountain, they certainly have a lot of uses.

There are basic, strong ropes that enable you to perform all kinds of tasks at a great height, in a safe and secure manner. Depending on the situation you are preparing for, a rope grabber could come in handy too. These can be used along with safety harnesses and are ideal for preventing dangerous vertical falls.

If you want to consult our experts on all kinds of lifting equipment, used across a range of industries, then get in touch with our team today. If you want to see the other gear we have on offer, and more relevant advice on our equipment, then why not take a look at our blog?