Lifting Equipment training courses

Lifting equipment training courses

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Lifting Equipment training courses

Lifting Equipment training courses
19 July, 2022

Lifting Equipment training courses provided by LEEA 

Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) is the leading trade association for the lifting safety industry, promoting enhanced standards and sustainable development worldwide.

As part of the association’s academy 2.0 project, LEEA has launched a range of training courses accessible online for many lifting equipment subjects. These training courses will provide a range of opportunities and development at certificate and Diploma levels with all courses being available in multiple languages and can be studied on any device on the e-learning platform. 

When are the Lifting Equipment training courses available?

The lifting equipment training courses go live on 7th July which is also Global lifting awareness day, following a 6-month rollout period. The first course to go live is the ‘Introduction to lifting equipment’ course but to access this you will need to become a LEEA member. Some courses are available to the public such as the ‘user guidance course’ but to benefit from the full range of courses and qualifications available a LEEA subscription is recommended. On 2nd August 2022 is the launch of its next course, this covers the foundation certificate FOU Global shortly followed by lifting accessories diploma training course LAC Global on 5th September. Classes are held with a tutor via Zoom where training is delivered worldwide.

lifting equipment training courses

Lifting training and knowledge are essential when carrying out tasks with all lifting gear equipment, it is a necessity to keep in line with upcoming health and safety regulations as they change often and are reviewed every few years. All lifting equipment should be tested before use or sale to ensure it provides the best sustainability. Every piece of equipment sold at lifting gear direct complies with the latest industry standards, are of premium quality, and are suitable for all professional applications, being one of the top UK Suppliers of lifting gear and equipment.