1000kg Lifting Gantries

1000kg Lifting Gantries

3000kg lifting gantries

3000kg Lifting gantries

2000kg Lifting Gantries

Our Mid-range Lifting gantry has a working load limit of 2000kg; this is the maximum load weight the gantry is permitted to lift safely. As with all our lifting gantry systems, they are manufactured to British standards and regulations and incorporate the CE mark. This means you can buy from us with total confidence and also use our inspection services to make sure your lifting systems remain reliable and compliant over time.

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2000kg Lifting Gantry Adaptability

The 2000kg lifting gantry can be fitted with heavy duty castors for easy mobility or plated feet for semi-permanent fixing. The plated feet may be (though not essential) bolted to the floor, this is ideal if the gantry will be used in one location most of the time; however, the bolts may be removed, so that in the event that the lifting gantry is required elsewhere it can be moved with minimal fuss. The modular design also enables the gantry to be taken apart into three pieces for transportation to other work places.

This combination of ease of use and mobility gives you a lot more control over where the gantry is used, as well as how it is used. If a standard setup will leave you floundering, our custom made lifting systems will pave the way for a much more productive working day. Even if you are not planning to haul the gantry to several different sites, you will still be able to benefit from the impact of this unit’s adaptability, especially when you take into account the wide array of attachments and extra features that can be specified.

2000kg Lifting Systems – Attachments & More

Whenever you order custom lifting gantries from Lifting Gear Direct, you have the opportunity to adjust the design as you see fit. This also includes adding any accessories that you will find useful. Since our site is stocked with equipment from recognised brands, the variety is extensive.

Optional Extras Available:

Catenary wires, parking jacks, knockout boxes and isolator switches are readily available as extras; please state your requirements clearly when placing an order.

Our lifting gantry systems are custom made to order to ensure you get exactly what you need. Our 2000kg lifting gantry can be manufactured with any beam span up to 5 metres and any under beam height up to 4.5m.

Our Full Lifting Gantry Range & Additional Products

2000kg is an impressive safe working limit for gantry systems, but we also manufacture higher capacity units with 3000kg and 5000kg maximum load-bearing capabilities. Furthermore you can find smaller units with 1000kg and 500kg SWLs respectively. This is just another example of the flexibility you get when you shop with Lifting Gear Direct.

While you are here, why not stock up on safety gear so that your employees can work at height without facing unnecessary risks? If you already have a lifting gantry that could do with a fresh hoist, we also sell a wide range of products in this category. It is this kind of diversity and choice that makes us so popular with our customers.

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Have you always wanted to buy a bespoke lifting gantry? We can help you realise your dream in the most cost-effective, customisable way possible. To get started with a quote, or to ask any questions you might have, call 01384 76961 or email us using your site’s contact form. Our experienced, friendly staff will sort everything out for you.

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