3 port manifold

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3 Port Manifold

3 Port Manifold

This 3 port hydraulic manifold is ideal for connections of up to 3 hydraulic cylinders. Buy your hydraulic equipment from Lifting Gear Direct at great prices.

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About the 3 Port Manifold for Hydraulics

These 3 port manifolds are perfect if you need to connect 3 hydraulic cylinders to one pump. The manifold will regulate the hydraulic fluid between the 3 cylinders to your required settings.

This system enables easier and more controlled lifting of large objects whilst helping to maintain good balance.

Other manifolds can also be supplied which have a different number of port options.

Hydraulic Accessories

Couplers will be needed to connect the hoses between the cylinder and hydraulic accessories along with pressure gauges if required.

Get in touch with our team if you need any help in choosing your hydraulic equipment, Lifting Gear Direct are always ready to help.