500kg over braced swing jibs

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500kg Over Braced Swing Jibs

500kg Over Braced Swing Jibs

This is an over braced jib crane to provide maximum height under the arm. It is part of our range of jib cranes that we manufacture in-house.  With a half-tonne safe working load and lots of customisation options, it should suit organisations that need to complete lifting operations efficiently and without putting employees at risk. 

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500kg Over Braced Jib Crane - Key Features

  • 500kg SWL over braced jib crane
  • Slews 270 degrees, can be minimised via the use of stops
  • Up to 5 metre radius for floor & column mounted and 4 metres for wall mounted jibs 

Our Jib Crane Options

This crane with a 500kg capacity is part of our wider over braced range, sitting at the lower end of the spectrum in terms of SWL but still packing a punch and providing plenty of practical benefits. We also manufacture smaller 125kg and 250kg cranes in this category, as well as larger models with capacities of up to 3000kg

No matter the core specifications of the crane in question, you will have unfettered access to a huge number of potential adaptations, accessories and adjustments when you order from Lifting Gear Direct. If you want to mount this 500kg crane on a column in your warehouse or factory, that can be achieved. If you would prefer a wall-mounted setup, that is equally possible. We can also mount it as a free-standing crane on any suitable floor space for ultimate flexibility. 

Extras for the 500k Over Braced Swing Jib

Because we also stock hundreds of different parts and components for lifting assemblies, we can make your crane to meet your needs even if you are starting from scratch. We can add festoon systems and catenaries, isolators and knockout switches, beam clamps and trolleys or any combination of these. 

Our hoist range is also outstandingly varied, so just let us know exactly what loads you need to lift and we can muster up an amazing jib crane with all the extras that will make it an asset for your firm. 

If the perks of an over braced crane, such as having the full use of the beam’s entire length, are not relevant, our under braced models may be more appropriate.                                                       

Talk to use about Jib Cranes

The team at LGD will take you through everything you need to know when placing an order for one of our custom cranes, so there is no need to be intimidated by the task you face. Talk to them today by calling 01384 76961 or via our rapid response form for helpful advice and assistance with your purchase.

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