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Powered travel trolley

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Powered Travel Trolley

Use an Electric Beam Trolley for Optimum Operation

When you need fast, precise and smooth movement of your hoist and its load when travelling across a runway beam then an electric powered travel trolley will be the optimum choice. Lifting Gear Direct can supply a high quality beam trolley with power drive at highly competitive prices; Electric lifting hoists to compliment them can also be supplied.

Found within our broader beam trolley line-up, the powered travel trolley models take advantage of the performance benefits and precision of electric motors to make lateral movement smooth, quick and precise when using a gantry system or jib crane. These are the most costly type of RSJ beam trolley so if you need a cheaper alternative then take a look at our geared travel trolley range or even the cheapest push travel collection.

Yale VTE Electric Beam Trolley


The VTE electric beam trolley travels across a beam at the touch of a button tha..

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Advantage of the electric beam trolley

As with all beam attachments, you can expect that the specifications of individual powered travel trolley models will vary according to the kinds of operations they are designed to perform. However, in general, there are a few things which will be consistent across this category.

The main factor to take on board is the inclusion of an electric motor which will provide a slick, consistent way to shift the trolley along the course of a beam to which it is attached. These motors are usually built to be durable and resilient, ensuring longevity even in the face of adverse working environments.

Other advantages include integrated brakes and smooth transmissions to improve on-site lifting safety standards.

Considerations for the Powered Travel Trolley

There are a few things to think about when comparing and contrasting the powered travel beam trolleys we stock, of which the load capacity is just one.

Also worth looking into are things like the compatible beam widths, the travel speed which the trolley can achieve, the weight of the unit itself, and any other extras which might give a particular model the edge over its rivals.

Major brands such as Yale make powered beam trolleys, with the VTE being a good example of what this type of product can offer. It consists of models with up to 5 tonnes of load-lugging power at their disposal, complete with high quality motors for added peace of mind.

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