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Bucket carriers

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Bucket Carriers for Hoists

Bucket Carriers for Hoists

Available for carrying either two or four round plastic type buckets these bucket carriers are made from stainless steel. Lifting loaded buckets has never been so easy for builders with this great piece of kit.
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Why use Bucket Carriers?

Bucket carriers can be a very useful accessory on a construction site. The majority of builders will use plastic buckets to transport mortar, sand, cement and water to the location where it is required. Often this can much harder than it needs to be; carrying a fully loaded bucket up ladders and scaffolding can be hard work and hazardous due to the fact that you will only have one free hand for climbing up. Also only one bucket at a time can be transported.

Our range of bucket carriers can not only take away the hard work, they will alleviate the risk of accidents and injuries. What’s more these carriers can carry more than one bucket at a time, we have two models available one which can carry 2 buckets and one which can carry up to 4 buckets.

Bucket Carriers for Hoists

The bucket carrier is easily attached to a scaffold hoist or gantry hoist via the central carrying frame, this central position also helps to keep the buckets level. For the best stability it is wise to even the playing field by ensuring all holders are loaded with similar weights, this will minimise tipping and losing some of its contents.

The bucket carrier for 2 buckets has a maximum capacity of 70 kg and the 4 bucket carrier can handle loads up to 150 kg. You can find the dimensions and weights of the carriers in the table below.

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bucket carriers

  H1 H2
Max capacity  KG 70 150
Weight KG 4/8 3
Width mm 340 820
Length mm 810 820
Height mm  450 450