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3000kg Lifting gantries

3000kg Lifting gantries

This is a lifting gantry with a tried and tested 3000kg safe working load. Our second largest lifting gantry is fabricated to order by our skilled team, using only quality steel. Our fabricators will produce your lifting gantry precisely to your specifications and to high standards. Plated feet are available heavy duty castors are usually standard.

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3000kg Custom Lifting Gantry Benefits

Fully tested and certificated you can be assured of safe and quality lifting gantry systems from Lifting Gear Direct, due to the fact that we have been manufacturing them for many years with hundreds if not thousands of lifting gantries produced to customer requirements. Our customers frequently return for additional gantries and recommend us to other colleagues and companies. 

The heavy-duty castors we supply on most models make our gantries particularly mobile. You can easily move them into position and get to work on whatever task you need to complete in a jiffy. If you want a more permanent setup, the plated feet which can be added are a good choice. These can be bolted to the floor and provide a planted, consistent platform from which load handling can take place. We do not limit our customers when it comes to their gantry order; just tell us what features are more beneficial and we can incorporate them into the design. 

Another advantage of our custom made gantries is that they are fully tested to ensure that they meet quality standards and comply with regulations. This 3000kg unit will be able to perform as advertised and will be a sturdy, durable piece of equipment that you will appreciate year after year. When the time comes to inspect the gantry, we can also maintain and service it for you, which will solve another of the challenges that you face. At Lifting Gear Direct we aim to empower our customers and help them with competitive products and solutions, whatever the size or nature of their organisation. 

3000kg Lifting Gantry Dimensions

Any height up to a maximum of 4 ½ m under the beam are available, as well as any span up to 5m. The span measurement is taken between the a-frame side’s, so this measurement is the actual working / useable beam span available; the overall span of the gantry will be a little larger, contact us if you require exact sizes or more information. 


  • ·         Parking Jacks
  • ·         Festoon system/catenary wire
  • ·         isolator switch/knockout box
  • ·         Plated feet
  • ·         Heavy Duty castors
  • ·         Lifting hoists and loose lifting tackle always available.


There is a lot to like about our custom made gantries, as the range comprises of models ranging from 500kg in capacity right up to 5000kg. Because you can specify the attachments and accessories you want before the manufacturing process gets started, you will know exactly what you are getting and can steer clear of generic assemblies that lack important components.  

Of course our site is also a great place to buy lifting accessories of all types, including eye bolts, pulleys and shackles. Whatever you need, we have the right products to fit the bill.  

Learn More About Custom Made Gantries

We want to make the process of buying lifting gantries as simple as possible, so we are happy to answer your questions and give you a quote as soon as you get in touch. To do so, just send us an email using the contact page on our site, or call 01384 76961 from your mobile or landline phone for an instant response.