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5000kg Lifting Gantries

5000kg Lifting Gantries

Our 5000kg Lifting Gantries are the largest in our range and offer excellent lifting capabilities. These lifting gantries can be used in many different areas, such as manufacturing, construction, warehouses, workshops and more. They are perfect for lifting up to 5 tonne in multiple areas.

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5000kg Lifting Gantry Performance Potential

For obvious reasons the steel used on these larger gantries is much larger than for the smaller 500kg lifting gantries, and so may appear much chunkier. These gantries are great for those heavier lifting tasks and remove the need for a permanent crane structure. The 5000kg lifting gantry can be fitted with large plated feet, as opposed to the usual castors; the feet can be used to secure the gantry to the ground with special bolts, to create a semi-permanent lifting frame; this gives our largest gantry extra stability for those extra heavy loads. The bolts can be taken out in order for the gantry to be removed at a later date if required. 

The mobility of this gantry means that in spite of its size and safe lifting capacity, it is still more than capable of being manoeuvred to a different position on a single site, or even transported elsewhere for future deployments. This gives you the flexibility you need to get heavy duty lifting jobs done wherever you might encounter them. The tough, reliable castors which we can supply for this gantry are another example of the convenience that it offers when compared with a static lifting solution. 

Our skilled fabricators will manufacture a 5000kg lifting gantry to the dimensions that you stipulate. These can be no more than 5 meters under beam height and no more than 5 metres beam span (in-between the 2 side frames). With a lot of choice available to our customers in terms of the way gantry systems are configured, you can have your say over the manufacturing process. 

Add-ons for our 5 tonne Lifting Gantries

A festoon system can be added to keep those electric cables out of the way, and we can also add isolator switches for fast electrical shut down in case of emergencies. Parking Jacks are also an option and are especially useful for levelling the gantry if it will be used on un-even ground. 

We believe that safe lifting is important, so our customisable lifting gantry models will be constructed with the best materials and components, tested to ensure that they are up to spec and delivered to you in pristine condition. You can browse our site to buy chain hoists, winches, clamps and other accessories separately. However, with our comprehensive 5000kg gantry systems you can get everything you need to handle loads in one all-encompassing assembly. 

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You can call Lifting Gear Direct on 01384 76961 or use our contact form online if you have questions about the lifting gantries we sell, or would like a quote for a custom-built assembly for your business. We not only manufacture gantries, but will also inspect them to ensure they comply with safety standards year after year.