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Mobile Gantry Systems & Portable Gantries

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What is a mobile gantry

Mobile  gantry systems are also known as lifting gantry systems or an A-frame gantry. The term gantry is defined as a spanning framework, designed to support lifting devices.  A mobile gantry is a moveable framework for lifting heavy objects, commonly due to the heavy duty castors fitted to the legs.  

Mobile systems are manufactured from steel sections which are welded into shape by our team of highly experienced fabricators; The term a-frame refers to the actual shape of the framework of the mobile gantry, each end of the gantry takes on the shape of a letter “A” in some form or another, the style varies between manufacturers but the principal shape stays the same; these “A” frames are joined together at the top with an H beam, creating a very strong structure.

These gantries usually have the option of heavy duty castors being fitted to provide easy manoeuvrability, at least two of these castors should incorporate brakes to prevent unwanted movement, for even better stability go for all four castors with brakes. If your gantry doesn’t have brakes then parking jacks can be utilised instead, these have the added benefit of allowing good stability even on uneven ground due to the fact that the jacks can be raised to different levels to suit the ground height.

Why choose a portable or mobile lifting gantry

Portable or mobile lifting gantry systems provide an excellent alternative to large or fixed, permanent structures, for which you may not have the space for, nor the desire for a permanent fixture and to spend un-necessary money for something which may be little used. A mobile lifting gantry is much more cost effective, is a non-permanent fixture and can be easily moved to wherever it may be needed, or out of the way if it is not needed.  

Benefits over fixed gantry systems

The benefits between mobile and fixed gantry systems are evident, with a fixed gantry crane the load has to be brought to the crane, whereas with a mobile gantry you can position it where ever you require.  Lifting Gear Direct manufacture mobile lifting gantry systems in their own workshop and will often be able to produce a mobile gantry to suit your requirements, which can vary depending on the size and capacity needed.

Mobile gantries are normally used together with other devices to lift the load, the gantry itself is the framework to bear the weight of the load that is being lifted, the other lifting devices that are commonly used are electric hoists, chain blocks / manual hoists, lever hoists or magnet lifters, these are the devices that will actually lift and lower the load. A beam clamp to fit to the cross beam will be needed to support the hoisting device in a fixed position, or you may decide on a trolley system fitted to the beam which will allow the load to be traversed across the beam, this is the type mostly used.

A mobile gantry is designed to be positioned above the load required to be lifted, the load is then attached to the lifting device and can be raised off the ground and re-positioned across the beam if necessary, however it should be noted that the complete gantry system (framework) should on no account be moved on its castors whilst under load, this is very dangerous and can cause the whole system to become un-balanced and tip over.

Mobile lifting gantry systems are utilised in a vast range of industries, some are used frequently on a daily basis and some may only be used occasionally. These systems are commonly seen in factories, small and large, manufacturing plants and in warehouses to aid in loading and unloading objects in different areas, or to raise objects off the ground for maintenance or to complete the production of the item; another place where mobile gantries may be often seen is in car garages where they are used to lift out car engines.

On a final note, it is imperative that you always follow the strict safety procedures when using a mobile gantry system, these should always be provided by the supplier of your system, a regular maintenance and inspection routine should also be established to maintain top safety standards. Lifting Gear Direct offers full inspection and service contracts for all lifting equipment.

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