250kg over braced swing jibs

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250kg Over Braced Swing Jibs

250kg Over Braced Swing Jibs

With a Safe Working Load of 250kg and a slew of 270 (limit stops may be added) this over braced jib crane enables the most height under the beam. With the benefits of customization our tailor made cranes are the perfect solution to your everyday lifting operations.

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Floor and column mounting are available with arm radii up to 5 metres and wall mounted up to 4 metres. 

Why Choose a 250kg Over Braced Swing Jib Crane?

If optimising the amount of space beneath the arm of a jib crane is important to you, then our over braced models will be a sensible investment. Unlike under braced cranes, which can limit the amount of travel available on the beam, the over braced configuration lets trolleys move unhindered. Whatever other attachments you require, similar advantages will apply. 

The 250kg load limit of this jib crane is suitable for a variety of light duty lifting tasks, so it could be an excellent addition to a workshop, warehouse or factory where safety is important and manual handling is worth avoiding. 

Kitting out your Crane

You can specify a number of useful add-ons to come as part and parcel with your 250kg over braced swing jib. We can provide full hoisting equipment from leading brands, integrate catenaries where required, bundle in beam clamps to keep everything in position and generally customise your order as required. 

As mentioned earlier, the radius of the arm will vary depending on the mounting option you choose. Wall mounting this type of crane will mean that it has a slightly lower maximum reach available, but the column and floor mounted variants will be a practical choice for many customers, so this should not be an option. 

Alternative LGD Cranes to Consider

Like many of our other bespoke lifting equipment models, or jib crane range is packed with diverse assemblies. Load capacities kick off at just 125kg, while if you need heavy duty lifting power at your disposal then you can select over braced units with three tonne safe working loads

Irrespective of the crane you choose, you can order with confidence thanks to the fact that all our products are built to the highest standards using the latest manufacturing techniques. We can install and inspect lifting equipment as well, so you will never need to take a risk with the kit you procure. 

Get More Jib Crane Info and Advice

Choosing from our jib cranes is not always easy, so if you need to talk to someone before making a decision then you can call Lifting Gear Direct on 01384 76961. We can also work wonders when you email us with your question. Our team will take the hassle out of buying top tier kit of all types.


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